My Thursday morning started like any other with a big pot of coffee (no judging!). The call that happened after my first sip changed the course of my day.

With coffee cup in hand, I contacted a woman who had inquired about a tour for the following week. We dove into a conversation over her upcoming visit to Denver. I learned that this woman and her husband were coming to Denver to celebrate a myriad of events: a 12th wedding anniversary, a 40th birthday and LIFE. My ears perked up. “LIFE?!?”, I asked. My upcoming guest explained she was a breast cancer survivor and her husband survived a stroke which left his vision less than perfect. Needless to say, the couple I was about to encounter are SURVIVORS in the truest sense of the word and Denver was the destination they had chosen to celebrate LIFE and love.

I may have been equally as excited to meet my guests as they were to arrive in Denver. As I drove to the airport to pick them up, I received a goofy selfie on my cell phone. Once I met my guests we started on a day of dispensary tours. We visited 5 different dispensaries all of which offered a different product line and a different customer service experience. The Clinic was a clear favorite for my guests!  They loaded up on product from edibles to concentrates and when we arrived at their hotel later in the afternoon they were beaming from ear to ear.

This was not the last time I was going to see this couple. We scheduled a second tour day to visit Mount Evans. Unfortunately, the weather was not great, so we improvised. First, we stopped at Voodoo Donuts where we loaded up on scrumptious donuts for our road trip. Our next stop was Red Rocks amphitheater where we took in the natural sites. Then we drove to Nederland where we visited the only legal smoking lounge in the country at Club Ned. Now, this was an experience! Owners, David and Cheryl, welcomed the three of us into the Club Ned space and graciously packed us a bowl. Learning about the background of Club Ned and the Nederland culture was enlightening. My guests had been inquiring about dabbing (a form of smoking whereby you ingest a highly concentrated hit of wax or shatter). David was happy to create this experience and show my guests how to take a dab hit. Two hours later, three bowls down and two dab hits in I  decided it was time to depart Club Ned. My guests took in the sites as we descended from Nederland down to Boulder. By now munchies had set in and we had dinner at Foolish Craig’s Cafe. I tried the Chicken Duxelle Crepe, which was featured on Drive Inns, Dinners and Dives and “YES” it was the perfect choice after a Club Ned experience.

As we drove back to Denver from Boulder, we reminisced about both tour days. The next day the couple was flying to Las Vegas where they were going to renew their wedding vows, but despite the celebration in Vegas I received a text message that said, “we wished we stayed in Colorado.” Cheers to life, love, and happiness! I am looking forward to seeing my guests again in beautiful Colorado!