A City Sessions' Lesson: Different Types Of Strains

The following video I break down the three different  types of cannabis strains and their hybrid varieties. Learn the difference in the effects of indica, sativa, and hybrid. Please remember, the cannabis plant produces effects that are body chemistry specific, so if you find you achieve a different effect with a strain than mentioned, that is totally normal.

Sativa – Psycho active head high, felt in the head and extremities. Pure sativa’s can make you feel racy like you’ve had had three cups of espresso in one sitting.

Sativa Leaning Hybrids – Uplifting, energy high felt in the head and extremities.

50/50 Hybrids – Felt in the head and in the body

Indica Leaning Hybrids– Functional body high.

Indica – Relaxing, stoney, heavy body high.

*PLEASE NOTE: THE CONSUMPTION OF CANNABIS IN PUBLIC IN THE STATE OF COLORADO IS ILLEGAL. In the video it looks as though I am going to spark a J. However, I wait until I return to the privacy of my own home.

PS. Kosher-Bubba is delicious!

-Goldie Solodar #TheKnower