If you have been around cannabis before, you may have heard the terms Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. These refer to the different species, or varieties, of the cannabis plant. There is also Hemp which is low in THC and high in CBD and in the past has been mostly used for industrial purposes (i.e. paper, rope, textiles, etc). Today, Hemp derived CBD products can be found in the mainstream market. Check out Hemp vs. Cannabis What’s the Difference to learn more.


Cannabis Sativa can be traced back mostly to origins of latitudes between 0-30 degrees, including much of Central Asia, as well as in hotter climates like South Africa. When in the growing stage, Sativa plants are generally characterized as tall, thin plants with skinny fan leaves. They require a longer growing time of around 12 to 14 weeks and have lower yields than their Indica counterparts.

When consumed, Sativa strains generally have a much more uplifting, euphoric, and creative high. Some people have also reported feeling more energized, but also anxious after consuming a robust Sativa. When used for medicinal purposes, Sativas help with reducing fatigue, depression, ADD, and other mood disorders.


Cannabis Indica can be traced back mostly to origins of latitudes between 30-50 degrees, and are native to the Hindu Kush Mountain region of the Middle East. While growing, Indica plants are generally characterized as short, stout plants, with wide fan leaves. These require a shorter growth time of around 8 to 9 weeks, but they produce a much higher yield.

Consuming an Indica strain generally produces a relaxed and sedative feeling throughout the whole body. Indicas also tend to have a higher potency and stronger aroma than Sativas. When used for medicinal purposes, Indicas can help with anxiety, insomnia, increasing appetite, and reducing muscle spasms.


Most strains that you will find on the market are going to be blends of both Sativa and Indica origins. Many of these are Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant, and your local dispensary will usually indicate to which side it leans. These strains will have a blend of characteristics and tend to have a more even high that isn’t too racy but won’t sink you into the couch.

These are general guidelines but are by no means a set standard. Cannabis is body-chemistry specific and affects each person differently, just as alcohol or any other drug. The terpenes, or aromatic compounds, in conjunction with cannabinoids are the main compounds that determine the achieved effect.

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