As living, intelligent beings, we are constantly looking to connect with the people and world around us. As we discussed in our first blog, A Brief History of Cannabis, man has been using this holistic plant for centuries not only medicinally, but spiritually as well. Cannabis was an important ingredient in many holy oils as it was considered a plant that opened the mind to connect us with the gods, as well as with the inner self. Today, it is just as much a social experience as it is a spiritual one.

The ritual of grinding up and rolling flower, or packing into a bowl, and sharing with friends is a bonding experience for many people. Since you are consuming the same strain, everyone is having a similar experience of relaxation and elevation. Not unlike sharing a drink with a friend. Although body chemistry is something to keep in mind as people vary in what works well for them. When smoking with a group of friends, Hybrids are great strains to look for as they are known for having a more balanced high. Strains like Blue Dragon, from DANK, are great 50/50 Hybrids that aren’t too racy and won’t lock you in the couch.

For many, cannabis is also a great way of bonding with your significant other. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our day to day lives that it’s hard to wind down and be fully present with those we are closest too. When we consume cannabis, the sedative and euphoric properties help bring down those walls and can bring us a little closer. A CBD:THC 1:1 Bathbomb by Coda is a great way to melt away the day’s stresses as well as any aches or pains! (Can be found at DANK, The Herbal Cure, PURE, and The Clinic) Or the strain Stevie Wonder from PURE is a fantastic Sativa-dominant hybrid that is happy, not too racy, and gets you feeling very playful!

If you are simply looking to spice things up if your love life, cannabis can be a great way to increase sensitivity and create a little stimulation. The strain Durban Poison, for example, is considered an aphrodisiac as it increases the heart rate and stimulates blood flow. There are also fun edible products like 1906’s Sex Chocolates that come in a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio (sold at the Clinic), or Colorado Cannabis Co.’s Aphrodisiac Wonderland capsules (sold at PURE) that are a mix of cannabis and other herbs are both great options for something that is simultaneously stimulating to one’s appetite… as well as loosening to the mind and body.

Or to really enhance your experience with that special someone, Foria is a company that specializes in products for female pleasure including lubricants, sprays, and suppositories (sold at the Clinic or The Herbal Cure). There is also Evo labs’ Evos Oil, an infused lubricant for her AND his pleasure (sold at DANK). These products are great for foreplay as it takes a short while to absorb and take effect.

Whether you are looking to bond, rekindle the sparks, spice things up, or just simply have a little extra fun with your special someone, cannabis in its many forms can be a game changer in many relationships.

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