As living, intelligent beings, we are constantly looking to connect with people and the world around us. As we discussed in our first blog, A Brief History of Cannabis, humankind has been using the cannabis plant for centuries, not only medicinally, but spiritually as well. Cannabis was an important ingredient in many holy oils and sacred medicines as it was considered to be a plant that opened the mind to connect us with the gods, as well as with the inner self.  Today, cannabis is still used spiritually in many practices and has found its way into more modern spiritual practice as well.  Apart from medicinal and spiritual uses, cannabis has also evolved into a social experience that is shared by many people throughout the world.

The act of consuming cannabis has become a ritual for many people that serves as a bonding social experience.  Many new friendships that started in smoke sessions have grown into old ones.  Consuming cannabis with friends has been and will continue to be a bonding experience many people invite into their lives.  The feeling of all sharing in the same buzz is not unlike sharing a drink or good food with friends.  This plant allows many people to shine their inner light out into the world and connect with others.  This experience can also bridge the generational gap between the older and younger generations.  Sometimes it can be hard to find the common ground with those in different generations, but cannabis being a social plant can help bridge that gap by creating a common interest that you all share. These experiences share the similarity of bringing people together to laugh, love and have fun.

Cannabis can also help bring you closer to your significant other.  Couples around the world use cannabis to unwind from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives which helps them remain present during the time they have with their partners.  The relaxing properties of cannabis can help us to be open and mindful of one another’s thoughts and emotions, bringing us closer together.  When shopping with your significant other, chose strains that you both know work well with your body chemistry.  Sharing in this experience can help connect the two of you, deepening the bond you already share.

Due to the way cannabis stimulates the senses and elevates the mind, it can also make the more intimate times you share with your partner even more exciting.  For centuries humankind has been using plant medicine to help increase libido and enhance sexual experiences.  In today’s cannabis market there are many different product lines that deal directly with human sexuality.  There are personal lubricants as well as cannabis supplements that have been formulated to enhance the sexual experience.  These products are fun and exciting to try out with your partner and add an element of experimentation to the experience that many find exhilarating.  Sativa strains like Durban Poison, Sour Diesel and Trainwreck are all great for enhancing the sexual experience as well.  These strains will elevate the heart rate and increase sensitivity for a heightened sexual experience.  Experimenting with cannabis and intimacy is another great way for couples to forge an even closer, stronger bond with one another.  Discuss trying out some of these products with your partner and you might find they deliver that extra spark you have been looking for.

Whether you are looking to bond, spice things up, or just simply have a little extra fun with your special someone, cannabis can be a game-changer for your relationship.

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