Although many people believe the stigmas around cannabis, that all who smoke are “stoners” that are lazy & goofy. In actuality, it is a multi-purpose flower that appeals to people all over the human spectrum. Cannabis is usually introduced into our lives in a variety of ways. For some, it is a life-changing experience that opens up their minds to new perspectives or gives them levels of relief that they previously hadn’t experienced. For others, it was an uncomfortable experience because of the environment, too strong of a high, or lack of understanding on what they were getting into.

For younger consumers, cannabis is generally used for recreational purposes like at social gatherings, as a pacifier for the stresses of college, or became part of a “smoke all day” attitude. As they get older, that relationship tends to shift. Instead of smoking to get high, they are eating edibles to help with inflammation in the knees after going for a run or to help sleep after a long day at the office.

Many of the incredible brands in the City Sessions’ community understand that this “later in life” relationship is really where the future of cannabis lies. Using it to help with everyday problems for a higher quality of life is the key to unlocking its full potential as well as legalization on a federal level.

Brands like Mary’s Medicinals have honed into this from the start with their pharmaceutical grade patches and then a full line of topicals & consumables. The Muscle Freeze and 1:1 Compound being some of our favorite products as they both help with the aches, pain, and inflammation that starts to become more prevalent later in life without any head high.

Evolab has also addressed this demographic with its new line, CBx Science, that focuses on ethnobotanical recipes for topicals, vapes, and candies utilizing different ratios of cannabinoids. Their Intensive Skin Repair has become a staple for my medicine cabinet as it is a great daily moisturizer (the collagen is an added bonus) as well as a way to heal irritations on the skin such as sunburns and blemishes.

The AeroInhaler is a perfectly discreet consumption method that is both consistent and clean for the more active consumer. Like a vape pen without the hassle of charging or holding down a button, this product is perfect for the on-the-go consumer and is easy on the lungs for those who prefer not to inhale combustibles.

For those who were previously deterred from consuming, due to stigmas or a negative experience, hearing about its benefits has given it a new appeal. As mentioned in Exploring Cannabis Products, there is a wide variety of options for consuming including Combustibles (things you smoke), Edibles (things you eat), Concentrates (dabs and vapes), and Topicals (things applied to the skin). As we discussed in Microdosing Cannabis: A Lifestyle, small amounts can sometimes be more beneficial for ailments than high doses, while still not being enough to produce a psychoactive effect.

Brands like 1906 have taken micro-dosing to a new level with ratioed chocolates that are 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC each in four different effects: Sleep, Bliss, High Love, & Pause. With such low doses in equal ratios, the effects are relaxing yet euphoric and are perfect for the novice consumer.

Stillwater has also focused on producing consistent effects in both micro and standard 10 mg doses. Starting with their line of teas, they moved into water-soluble powder packets that come in THC, CBD, or a 1:1 ratio, as well as a line of single-serving coffee packet in similar ratios. The Ripple Balance (5mg CBD: 5mg THC) is a perfect starting place for any consumer that wants relief from inflammation or anxiety.

Happy Chews is another standout brand that is excellent for new and seasoned consumers alike. Its mouth-wateringly delicious flavors and uplifting & giggly effects will leave even the most doubtful in a happy place. Their new 2:1 Citrus Relief chews are also out of this world for relieving stress and inflammation!

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