There are so many amazing cannabis products hitting the shelves these days and the selection can be overwhelming. This is your quick guide to navigating a dispensary and making an informed purchase that will best suit your body chemistry and enhance your experience in the mile high city…

Flower/bud: Start with describing the effect you want to achieve to the budtender. Smell all the products. If it smells good to you, typically it is good for your body chemistry. So remember the NOSE KNOWS!

Concentrates: There are various forms of concentrated marijuana in the Colorado market. You will hear names like budder, wax, shatter, live resin and hash oil. These concentrates test between 75% and 98% THC. Therefore, start slow and enjoy the blastoff!

Edibles: As of February 1st of 2015 all recreational edible were pulled off the self and repackaged into 10mg doses. 10mg is a government regulated dose. No longer do you have to worry about overeating edibles. Start slow with 10mg and wait about 2 hours before eating more.

Patches: Yes, we even have trans-dermal patches in different cannabinoid profiles. Ask the budtender to break down what each cannabinoid does and be sure to not over do it. 10mg patches can be cut in half, where 20mg patches can be cut into 1/4’s to start with.

If you are interested in learning more give us a call and we will educate you and show you a truly amazing experience in the MILE HIGH CITY! Call today to book your tour 720-250-8828