This past Saturday, I assisted Mike Eymer, owner and founder of Colorado Cannabis Tours, with his weekly scheduled marijuana tour. Not only was I serving as “Vanna White,” this was also my first Colorado Cannabis Tour experience. I did not know what to expect, but I was certainly excited about this journey.

A small group of 8 congregated at the Cheba Hut in downtown Denver around noon. We all signed waivers (have to do the legal stuff) and then ate a quick lunch. We started the tour on foot heading to our first dispensary which was a short block away. Once everyone made their initial recreational purchase we hopped on a beautiful party bus because Mike does everything in style. Mike started the ride by going through the legalities of recreational marijuana and encouraged the group to begin enjoying their purchase.

As the group began settling in, I inquired where the guests were from. There was representation from all over the country, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, etc. Our next stop blew my mind, no pun intended! It was a glass blowing demonstration where we watched a talented glassblower mold a glass piece in about 6 minutes. From there we moved on to our last stop, a grow house tour at The Medicine Man. Pete, co-owner and engineer of The Medicine Man’s grow operation, guided the group through the massive facility. We saw it all from sprout to vegetation and from drying and trimming. After the incredible grow house tour, we all retreated back to the bus where we made the 20-minute ride back to downtown Denver. The group was all smiles, marinating in their wonderful high and feeling satisfied about the uniquely Denver experience.

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