DANK Keeping Kind is one of the original 15 Dispensaries to launch both medical and recreational in the Denver market. Celebrating their 11th year, we’re excited to give DANK the Seal of Approval! Dank is known for the oldies but goodies – growing original old-school genetics like Northern Lights, Durban Poison, and Cinderella 99. Owned by three friends who’ve cultivated a fun and friendly environment for everyone who works and shops, DANK takes excellent care of their Park Hill neighborhood. From its quality strains and products to a kind and knowledgeable staff we have tons of reasons why DANK receives the seal of approval in 2020.

A Kind Introduction

Screen Shot 2020 10 11 At 8.01.53 PMThe biggest hurdle I’ve encountered in the cannabis tourism industry has been securing a consistent garden to bring guests through to tour. In September of 2015, I was introduced to Greg Gamet, one of the founders of DANK Keeping Kind, the small vertically integrated operation on the east side of Denver. During our first meeting at DANK I immediately connected to a familiar sight, a Grateful Dead poster hanging on the wall, and recognized that I was sitting across from a kindred soul. I pitched Greg on City Sessions tours knowing that we would be not only be fast friends but that our brands were also aligned. Greg and his partners graciously opened their doors to me and my guests, and their garden and dispensary remain a staple of City Sessions experiences.

Longevity Through Industry Changes

The Colorado cannabis industry has evolved dramatically over the past six years: moving from forced vertical integration (growing and selling cannabis out the front door of your dispensary), to a wholesale model introduced in late 2015 (giving a choice to be a standalone cultivation, dispensary, or processing lab on the Adult Use side). This change brought a market reorganization, which has had both positive and negative effects. With an influx of new licenses, a surplus of flower in the wholesale market, and mass consolidation competition became fierce. Today, DANK Keeping Kind is one of fifteen standalone vertically integrated operations left in Denver.

How did DANK achieve this longevity? It sounds cliché, but staying true to their mission of Keeping Kind has been their winning formula. From the high quality customer service of the front of house team, the consistent quality of the bud, to the vetted top of the line edibles, concentrates, and topical brands, you always leave DANK feeling excellent about your purchases. DANK’s operating partner Dan Glenn is the driving force behind the brand, creating a culture of inclusion whether you are a local or tourist. Visiting DANK is like visiting your favorite local coffee shop where everyone knows your name, and if they don’t, they will ask.

Quality Out of The Garden

Bringing City Sessions guests through the DANK garden is a truly special experience. This generation-one grow is not fancy but lead grower Jeremy Kraus continues to level up his process cultivating over 40 strains that not only test high in THC, but are oh, so tasty and properly cured. Harvesting 60 to 100 plants a week, DANK’s dispensary shelves stay stocked with a mix of nine strains.  Finding properly cured (the final step in the cultivation process) flower in Colorado is rare as the climate is very dry. Often guests tell me that the bud they picked up from a chain dispensary turned to power when grinding it up, recognizing when quality is lacking. This is never the case with bud from DANK, with Jeremy’s attention on the entire growing process, quality is brought forward in every harvest and never disappoints.

Dank Keeping Kind seal of approval

I always say that not all dispensaries are created equal. At City Sessions, I vet the dispensaries I work with for quality, consistency, and customer service and without a doubt, DANK receives the seal of approval for all three. Whether you tour with City Sessions or just take my word that the store is worth visiting, you will have a solid experience and leave confident with the product you purchased. The dispensary manager, Cassie, has been with DANK for 5 years and has created a relaxed and fun culture in the front of the house. The entire team always brings a smile to my face and is expert in guiding you into the products and strains that you are seeking.

I am proud to Give DANK Keeping Kind the City Sessions Seal of Approval for the 5th year in a row. Their dedication to quality, consistency, and customer service is recognized to all who visit. Thank you, DANK, for being the standard by which everyone in the industry should emulate and for always Keeping Kind!

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