Explore The World of Cannabis Concentrates

Dabs, oil, wax, resin, budder, hash, sauce, sugar, budder, crumble, crystalline, shatter, diamonds, live, rig, torch…. the world of cannabis concentrates is vast. All the textures and varieties can be a challenge to navigate, especially if you are new to the experience.  Whether you’re a cannasseur that enjoys the next level high that concentrates provide, or you’ve been consuming flower and are unsure where to start when it comes to concentrates, this is the right tour for you.

On the Exploring Concentrates Tour, we teach our guests about the different types of cannabis concentrates that are available and the proper ways to consume them. On this half-day (3.5 hours) customizable experience, you will learn about the evolving cannabis culture and the history of concentrates. Take a walk through a commercial grow facility where you will learn about the full lifecycle of the cannabis plant from clone to cure. This experience also takes you up close and personal with the extraction process. A walkthrough of a butane extraction lab will show you the process of making butane extracted concentrates (wax, budder, live resin) up close and personal. After each educational deep dive, you’ll visit one of our partner dispensaries where your guide will walk you through product lines as you explore, experience, and enjoy the wonderful world of concentrate.

You will have an opportunity to consume in a safe licensed Colorado lounge where we’ll go over dab and concentrate consumption etiquette! We are here to help customize your experience and here are some options to get you started:

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Walkthrough commercial grow facility

Get up close and personal with the plants in the garden and learn the art of cultivation from seed to sale.

Dispensary shopping budtender showing products 4 signs you have a great budtender

Our partner dispensaries are vetted for quality consistency and customer service. We’ll take you to our favorite location to shop on a discount.



IMG 9276 300x150Extraction lab tour

Extraction labs are high-tech places, learn about the process of taking fresh frozen cannabis flower and extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Spectators watching Codey blow glassStop at Glass Gallery

Visit the #1 Glass Gallery in the country that houses pieces that are worth upwards of a million dollars for your viewing pleasure



Tons of other options include:
  • Glassblowing demonstration at Spectra Art with a custom take-home piece (additional cost)
    Or get hands-on with a glassblowing lesson!
  • Check out Purple Haze Head Shop
  • Denver botanic gardens
  • Visit one of Denver’s many local craft breweries

Explore the vast landscape of cannabis concentrates in the Colorado market on the Exploring Concentrates tour. Combining the best of Denver with City Sessions’ top-notch cannabis tours. Sit back, relax as we take you on an adventure you will never forget!

For pricing, more info, and to book your tour check out the tour page!

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