Five Things to Know BEFORE Trying Edibles

By now, you are probably aware that there are many ways to consume cannabis. In Exploring Cannabis Products, we touched on the fact that edibles have a much different high than the other methods of consumptions. Here are some key tips to know before diving into the world of cannabis-infused foods!


As we have reiterated over and over, every person has a unique body chemistry. Just as is the case with pharmaceuticals and other drugs including alcohol, the body’s reactions to cannabis differ from person to person. Some people can handle large quantities of alcohol and still function adequately, while others who are “lightweights” can consume small amounts and become extremely ill. The same goes for cannabis. Again, different people react differently.

The effects of cannabis can also change with the different chemicals we put into our body. If one were to consume alcohol for example, before trying any form of cannabis, it will amplify the effects of both. Meaning the person would want to do less of each and go slow as to not make themselves sick.

There are also a handful of unlucky folks that don’t have the proper enzymes for breaking down THC in their stomachs and no matter how much they consume, they will feel no effects. Unfortunately, there is no way around that at this point, but luckily they can still get high off of smoking flower and concentrates.


When a state legalizes cannabis, they are faced with deciding regulations including what is considered a single dose. In Colorado, a single dose is considered 10mg, so when shopping for products keep in mind that a single piece cannot exceed 10 mg and a package cannot exceed 100 mg, by law! One of the biggest problems that we faced in 2014 when we first legalized Adult Use, was the overconsumption of edibles. Although there is never lasting damage and has never caused a death, in history, ever. Some people believe that they can handle more than a single dose or absentmindedly consume more than they should, and end up having a pretty crummy time. With a little experimenting, you can find the perfect dose for you.

Keep in mind, a person’s perfect dose will change over time. If a person consumes edibles regularly, they build up a tolerance and need higher doses to achieve the same high. Or if a person takes a break for awhile, their tolerance will decrease, and they won’t need as much to achieve the desired effect.


Edibles also have the longest duration of the high out of all the consumption methods, and your diet and metabolism are two of the major factors. Most people aren’t aware that THC is the opposite of Alcohol in that it is fat soluble, meaning it binds to the fatty lipids in our bodies. For example, when a person feels like they have consumed a little too much alcohol, they tend to go for some greasy fatty food that will soak up the alcohol, which generally works. Cannabis is the dead opposite.

Eating something fatty, like ice cream or an avocado, will prolong and heighten your experience. A person with a fast metabolism generally will burn off the THC quickly and therefore usually need higher doses. The onset can also take up to an hour or two. If one eats edibles on an empty stomach, the effects might not kick in until hours later when they finally do eat. We always recommend eating an edible right before, or right after, a meal to maximize the effectiveness.


When trying edibles for the first time, you will notice that it is a much heavier, and full body experience. Since the THC is being absorbed through your stomach lining, its working with your metabolism which is a much slower process than if it were to be inhaled and absorbed through the lungs. Edibles tend to be a full day experience so make sure to plan ahead! The longer duration compared to the other consumption methods makes edibles great for going on a hike, watching movies, crafting and painting or any other activity that takes a few hours. They are also great for getting a full night’s sleep!


It is smart to read up on the laws, and the Good to Know campaign is a great source to use to stay in the know.

Remember to take baby steps when first trying edibles! They key is Start Low, Go Slow! Since the experience is longer, make sure to plan a ride home with a designated driver or grab a Lyft.

Drink plenty of water beforehand! Especially if you are in Colorado, as we are in the high desert and it is very dry here.

At City Sessions, we like to keep CBD products on hand to cancel out the effects of the THC just in case the head high becomes a little overwhelming. A patch, gel pen, or even a gummy with CBD is a great way to balance out the high!

Above all, make sure to have fun!!!

Keep an eye out for our next blog, Cannabis in Relationships!

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