Oils and concentrates are becoming increasingly more popular in the Colorado cannabis marketplace. Wax, shatter, budder, and live resin are all highly concentrated products that are typically ingested through a process called dabbing* or with a vape pen. As the owner and operator of City Sessions Denver, it is my “job” so to speak to stay current on the trends in cannabis.

I had the opportunity recently to participate in a sampling of full melt bubble hash or more commonly known as ice wax. That’s my job folks! First, I learned the process of producing ice wax. Full melt bubble hash is made through a clean pressing process and yields very little product similar to EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). The product was presented in the form of a crumbly substance and then placed into a wax sheet. Once on the wax sheet, the product is then pressed and melted using a hair iron. One of the guys joked, “I took this from my girlfriend.” I do not think this ever comes up in the Facebook ads for uses of common household items. Once the hash was pressed the sampling began.

We proceeded to sample three different strains of hash through dabbing.* First I sampled a strain called “Chunky Shark,” which is a cross of Summit Great White Shark (from Summit County) and Chunky Diesel. The Chunky Shark tasted like lemongrass and instantly made me relax and my feet tingle. Next, I sampled a strain called Bubba Luv, which is a cross between Pre 98 Bubba Kush and Snow Dog. I was excited to try this strain because Pre 98 Bubba** is a CBD heavy strain that happens to be one of my favorites. The Bubba Luv tasted sweet and earthy and left my body feeling relaxed and my head calm. The last strain I tried was Godfather OG. This strain made me disengage from the conversation for a bit and tune into the music playing in the background.

After about a half hour of sampling the various goodies, we finished with a dab of Chunky Shark. Four small dabs was a record for me in one sitting. Typically when I consume cannabis, I do so in the form of flower (bud) in a bowl, bong, or joint. I find I have great control and can easily stop partaking after achieving a mid-level high. In this bubble hash sampling, I blasted off for a good hour to a different level than I normally achieve with bud. It was a lovely change because of my cozy and comfortable mountain surroundings.

I definitely recommend trying a full melt bubble hash. It is clean, tastes delicious and is easy to consume.

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**Pre 98 Bubba Kush – http://www.leafly.com/indica/pre-98-bubba-kush