The future of cannabis is Ripple!

Hi Im Goldie and I’m here to discuss with you one of the most innovative products on the Colorado market: Ripple. Traditionally cannabis edibles are made with butter, CO2 oil, distillate, and they are fat soluble which means that when you digest a cannabis edible you need some kind of fat or big meal in your stomach for CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids to bind to to actually activate.

Well, the innovative team over at Ripple have created a product that is water soluble or water compatible. Ripple is actually isolated cannabinoids, meaning they isolated out the individual THC molecule and individual CBD molecule into a powdered form that come in these individual packets. Ripple packets. What’s interesting about Ripple: it’s accurately dosed formulations of cannabinoids. And they make three different formulations. One of them is Ripple Pure which is 10mg of THC (which is a government regulated dose on the adult use side here in Colorado). Ripple Balance which is 5mg CBD and 5mg THC (I want everyone out there to know that CBD cuts the psychoactive effects of THC) so in a 1 to 1 ratio, CBD is going to relax the body and THC is going to slightly elevate the mood, making you feel balanced and euphoric. Then they have Ripple Relief which is a 20 to 1 CBD THC. 20mg CBD to .5 THC. You need minor amounts of THC to unlock the full potential of CBD.

So, what is so innovative about this? the future of cannabis is ripple

Well first off, Ripple turns anything into an edible (your new favorite ingredient!). So you can put this on your tacos you can put it in your beverage and you’re good to go. What’s also innovative about Ripple is it activates in 20 minutes where as a traditional edible, that digests through the stomach, activates in about an hour to an hour and a half based on your body chemistry. In addition, you get 100% accurately dosed packets every single time because these are isolated cannabinoids.

Let’s talk a little bit about that. If we were to extract a plant you would always have minor amounts of different cannabinoids in that product. When we talk about distillation it is basically pure THC so you’re accuracy for an edible becomes more accurate. When you see products that say full spectrum on it, it means that there’s all sorts of minor cannabinoids left in that oil whereas the simplicity of Ripple is that it’s isolated cannabinoids that stand on their own.

So, what’s so nice about this? You can carry this in your pocket, you can carry this in your purse, and you can have yourself a cannabis cocktail, or you can get relief along the way.

Pure THC product – this is great for relaxation, uplifted mood, and for anyone that takes to 10mg of THC well.

Ripple Balance – is amazing for keeping you social. It helps with inflammation because it has some CBD in it. Personally, I use Ripple Balance in my Arnold Palmers and I have a cannabis cocktail when I’m out and about.

Ripple Relief – which is the 20 to 1 CBD THC, is great for anyone that experiences ailments such as pain or inflammation. This is a product that you can take on the go and starts activating quickly for that medicinal use.

The future of cannabis as a medicine is in isolated form.

What do I mean by that? When we stack cannabinoids in different ratios they produce different desired effects. We need accurately dosed cannabinoids in order to be able to replicate this in a mass market medicinally. When we talk about the future of cannabis as a medicine from the pharmaceutical industry it’s going to be isolated cannabinoids that are stacked together in clinical trials to produce desired effects. So remember that: the future of cannabis as a medicine is in stacked cannabinoid formulation.

However Ripple, what’s so interesting about it, is it’s an ingredient.

Ripple, by Stillwater, also has a pure CBD option called Caliper. Which is going to be found in all sorts of products down the road. It’s going to be found in everyday products. CBD, as we know, is an anti-inflammatory, it’s also known to calm the central nervous system so to be able to incorporate a CBD ingredient in your everyday food product line is just going to maintain a level of homeostasis and wellness in the body.

To conclude, Ripple is one of the most innovative products on the market. Activates in 20 minutes, accurately dosed packets of cannabinoids that you can take on the go, and it can produce different desired effects based on what iteration speaks best to you.

I highly recommend getting out there and trying Ripple, buying it for a friend, and seeing how you incorporate it into your everyday life.

I hope you learned something today, Stay Elevated!

the future of cannabis is ripple