“Euphoric experiences with cannabis shaped my lens and perspective of life and how I connected with people, myself, and the outside world.”

Goldie 35, Denver,CO


Goldie Smiling with Joint

“The first time I tried cannabis was with friends when I was sixteen years old.  I did not get high that first time. Like most youth, dabbling in substances was a right of passage. I remember the first time I tried and overindulged in alcohol. It was a bottle of red wine, which came back up the very next day and left me sick, low, and unable to take the 3-hour drive back to the sports academy where I attended high school. I never had an experience like that when smoking cannabis and attached to the plant as something that made me feel good. Navigating college and the overindulgent alcohol scene was difficult for me and thus I started chasing live music and smoking cannabis as a way to relax and tune in to the music and environment around me.”



“Euphoric experiences with cannabis shaped my lens and perspective of life and how I connected with people, myself, and the outside world. As the industry in Colorado evolved and I became more educated on the plant and how to navigate the product line, I have been able to truly incorporate cannabis on a deeper level. Today, I use cannabis for medicinal reasons. As a sleep aid, to reduce inflammation after exercise,  to reduce anxiety, and to decompress. I also use it recreationally to uplift my mood, get creative and connect on a deeper level with my family and friends. People always think that I must have a crazy high tolerance because I live in Colorado and work in the industry. However, I do not. I have an ever-changing relationship with cannabis and because I understand how it works with my body chemistry, I can tap into the product line to enhance my experiences or aid in an ailment. I am grateful for cannabis and how it helps me to live my best life.”

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“When I look around my house, cannabis is everywhere. A full-spectrum CBD tincture (NED) lives by my coffee pot for my daily wellness dose of cannabinoids. On my coffee table, I have a dab rig and concentrate (Olio live rosin) as well as three 1906 experience drops… Bliss, Go, and Love. In my bathroom, I have ioVia bath soak and their 1:1 transdermal cream that I rub into my neck, back and legs after I get out of the shower to combat inflation after my workout. In my nightstand, you will find different ratios of gummies (Wyld) as well as a flavorless tincture (ioVia) for when and if I wake up in the middle of the night. Taking that tincture around 2 or 3 in the morning is a regular occurrence. In my refrigerator, there are cannabis beverages (Keef sparkling water and Keef Life) and in my purse, I carry my vape pen and Ripple to put into a beverage when at a restaurant and I want a cannabis cocktail. In addition to all this, I have a bud cart, like a bar cart, which houses my different strains of flower and smoking devices. As I said, cannabis is everywhere and is a lifestyle. 

As for my preferred method of consumption, as is seen, I incorporate all methods into my lifestyle. However, vaping flower out of my PAX 3 is at the top of the list. The taste, ease of use, and gentleness on my lungs has become my preferred method of inhalation. Don’t get me wrong, I love smoking a joint, but as I get older I do not want to negatively affect my lungs on a daily basis, vaping flower is a great alternative. “


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“One thing I wish people knew, is that cannabis has been used as a medicine since the beginning of time. The stigmas that surround cannabis in our culture have nothing to do with science. As this plant becomes more accepted and regulations loosen, cannabis is going to change the way we practice medicine and recreate with very little side effects. It is also going to change our building and textile industry to be more environmentally friendly.”







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