Last week City Sessions started offering a variety of private tour experiences. On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to give a layover tour experience to a gentleman passing through from NY to LA. With 4 hours before his next flight, he wanted to explore the new recreational scene. I picked him up from the airport with goodies on hand. He indulged as I proceed to drive to Denver. Our first stop was a recreational dispensary where he bought a joint and a small edible. Next, we walked around the corner to a local watering hole, Sancho’s Broken Arrow, a Grateful Dead bar which he had heard about from his friends. After he had a couple of drinks, he toked as I drove him back to the airport with plenty of time to settle in before his next flight.

How do you want to spend your layover? Fly HIGH!

City Sessions Denver can make your next layover SOAR. Why sit at the airport or the club lounge when you layover in Denver? A good meal, fun watering hole, sightseeing and more awaits just a short way from the airport. City Sessions can customize your layover to provide a truly unique Denver experience as you pass through the Mile High city! View Tour Packages Now!