We at City Sessions would like to formally welcome you to The Human Side of Cannabis. In this blog series, we will explore the different relationships that people have with the plant, its beneficial properties, and the culture that thrives around it in an effort to promote cannabis education. Here in Colorado, we are in an experimental microcosm where it is legal to purchase and consume adult-use cannabis. This is a glimpse into what the future looks like with people having access to more holistic and natural remedies. Although in most of the country there is still a prevalent stigma against the plant, and a taboo on its consumption, here in Colorado it is becoming more culturally accepted.

Cannabis does not speak to everyone, but we hope that by understanding how it speaks to others, we can shift the perception in a positive direction. When you break it down, cannabis is a quality of life plant. Those who seek cannabis out are looking for a higher quality of life. Whether it is to boost one’s creativity, decompress, get a full night’s sleep, manage pain, to focus a busy mind or  relieve anxiety, cannabis is here to help! With a wide spectrum of properties and forms with which to use it, we have found that it speaks to many different demographics.

All the stories that we shared are from real people that have found that cannabis has enhanced their lives. The education we bring forward is based on our experience, anecdotal information, and the latest in cannabis science. We hope that you find resonance in The Human Side of Cannabis whether it is foreign to you or a close old friend.

Thank you for taking part, and if you have a story to share, a perspective you are interested in, or information that you would like to dive into please contact us at info@citysessionsdenver.com!

Continue your education on the history of the cannabis plant in our next blog, A Brief History of Cannabis.

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