In November of 2020 five new states joined the already 39 legalized medical and or recreational cannabis programs. New Jersey, Montana, Arizona, South Dakota, and Mississippi have since been joined by Virginia, New York, and Connecticut.  As one of the very first states with a comprehensive recreational and medical regulated program, Colorado is at the forefront of the cannabis industry. This means that businesses here have been operating in a regulated system since 2009. This history makes the industry in Colorado mature beyond any other in the United States. Businesses in the cannabis industry in Colorado have seen it all. There is so much to learn from the established Colorado cannabis industry throughout all verticals; dispensary, cultivation, extraction lab, or edible facility.

IMG 9629 Scaled E1624998953851 300x225The state of Colorado regularly sees cannabis tourists visiting from all 49 states and many other countries to experience the wide array of product lines made and sold in Colorado.  Over the past 6 years, we have introduced and educated many entrepreneurs from emerging markets, seeking an insider’s view into the Colorado market prior to starting up. City Sessions; Industry Insider tour provides a comprehensive education of the Colorado cannabis industry from its inception to today and is the perfect start for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the cannabis industry. Our expert guides (each having a minimum of 5 years of experience in the legal market) will take you and your group of investors through the highest quality cultivation facilities, extraction labs, and dispensaries, highlighting the business models and why they have achieved a longstanding place in the Colorado market. The tour also covers changing regulations, successful and unsuccessful business models, branding, and more.

Ideal for cannabis investors, the Industry Insider tour is private and flexible for those interested in seeing multiple cultivation facilities over multiple days.

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“My business partner and I knew we wanted to participate in the cannabis industry whenever it became legal in Oklahoma.  Within a week of the legislation passing, we were in Denver in search of Cannabis Industry [information].” – Catherine Glock, Partner, 5 Leaf Lab

City Sessions introductory half-day (three and a half to four hours) private and personalized tour consists of pick up from your Denver-based lodging location. A Cannabis business overview in the City Sessions’ Lounge with an expert tour guide where they review the state of the industry in Colorado today and how it got to where it is. A walkthrough of a commercial grow facility to see and learn the process of cultivating cannabis from clone to cure (its full lifecycle) and a walkthrough of a butane extraction facility to see and learn the process of making butane extracted concentrates (wax, budder, live resin). Next, is a stop at a dispensary to review the business model and product lines offered; a second dispensary stop is also an option to observe a different business model if desired. A second day or extended itinerary could also include a walkthrough of a different commercial cultivation facility or a walkthrough of a state-of-the-art edible production facility.

No matter what area of the legal cannabis industry you are looking to get into a wise investor and entrepreneur does their research and there’s no better place to learn the ins and outs of an industry than to take an Industry Insider tour of the Colorado cannabis scene. Beyond the tour City Sessions is still there to assist, with advising and consulting with industry expert, Goldie Solodar available; learn more about Industry Consulting here.

Ready to start your canna-business journey or feel more confident in your cannabis investments? Reserve your Industry Insider tour today!