We are so pleased to present ioVia CBD & THC Solutions precision dose products with the City Sessions’ Seal of Approval this year. One of the biggest demographics that tour with City Sessions are consumers looking for cannabis to help aid in a wide range of ailments. The industry has been moving toward a sophisticated approach to cannabis consumption for health and wellness. With enough anecdotal evidence showing that cannabis can help alleviate certain ailments, we are seeing more and more people wanting to understand how. We are also seeing a demographic of people that do not want to smoke/inhale cannabis and are seeking a cleaner approach to consumption.  This year City Sessions’ gives Colorado-based ioVia the seal of approval because the brand approaches health and wellness from a holistic perspective. ioVia specializes in sublingual and topical products that can easily be incorporated into your everyday wellness routine.   

The ioVia product line is quickly gaining traction in the Colorado market. With millions of people in the United States suffering from common ailments like anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain, many people are seeking an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medications and ioVia is filling this niche. ioVia has created a line of precision dosed transdermal creams and tinctures in various blends of HI-CBD, CBD-THC, and HI-THC, providing the consumer an opportunity to select the product and dosing that works best with their unique body chemistry. Before we dive into the ioVia product line, let’s discuss how to navigate blends of CBD and THC.

First off, it is important to note that the cannabinoids CBD and THC synergistically work together. Various blends of CBD and THC will elicit different effects. CBD balances out the psychoactive effects of THC. Meaning, in a 1 to 1 ratio CBD to THC, CBD is going to act as an anti-inflammatory, relaxing the body and calming the central nervous system, while THC will slightly elevate the mood making you feel balanced and euphoric. The more CBD to THC the less psychoactivity, and the more THC to CBD the more psychoactivity. You need minor amounts of THC to unlock the full potential of CBD. With this understanding, an individual can start experimenting with different ratios of cannabinoids to see what works best for their own unique body chemistry. For further reading on this topic see our blog THC & CBD: A Symbiotic Relationship.

iovia precision tincture dropper receives seal of approval

Precision Dose Tinctures  

Tinctures are an easy, discreet, and effective way of consuming cannabis. ioVia has created many different blends of cannabinoid-rich tinctures to help aid in a plethora of ailments. High CBD with low THC is a great way to heal without the associated high. Depending on your ailment and body chemistry, we recommend high CBD low THC for anyone dealing with anxiety or pain. It is important to dose properly to get the greatest outcome.  A recommended daily regiment of CBD to combat these two common ailments would be a ¼ of your weight equals your milligram dose of CBD daily. This dose can be broken up into smaller doses throughout the day and can be adjusted as needed. ioVia’s HI-CBD tinctures come in 4 different ratios of 20 to 1 CBD to THC. One of the best parts of ioVia products is that they have measuring ticks on their droppers to give you a tool to make the precise dosing regiment. 

tincture blends receive seal of approval

CBD-THC (1:1), this equal blend of cannabinoids creates a balanced effect in the mind and body. For anyone that is new to cannabis, start with a low dose of THC is recommended (5mg THC to 5 mg CBD). This ratio is great to uplift the mood and create a relaxed sensation in the mind and body. The balanced blend of cannabinoids has been seen to help with anxiety, pain management, insomnia, and depression. For anyone looking to use cannabis for depression, please consult your doctor, as cannabis can have adverse effects on certain people.

ioVia’s HI-THC tincture is a great option for pain management and insomnia. High doses of THC can make you feel drowsy and eventually put you to sleep and keep you asleep for the duration of the effect (4-8 hours). HI-THC tinctures for pain management is a proven anti-inflammatory and is great for anyone that is comfortable with the associated high that THC provides.     

True Transdermal Creams

iova cbd thc blend chart receives seal of approval

ioVia’s True Transdermal Creams are incredibly effective for anyone with spot specific pain like carpal tunnel, arthritis, menstrual cramps, back, neck, and knee pain. Adding a transdermal driver to their creams allows the cannabinoids to penetrate through the dermis layers into the bloodstream for both spot specific and systemic relief. This product can be used as needed and provides relief in about 15 minutes.

Restorative Bath

ioVia has also created a CBD-THC Restorative Bath in 3 different relaxing scents to help soak away tension, muscle soreness, and stressful days. Also great for rehydrating the skin and elevating the bathing experience.  

bath soaks receive seal of approval
Cool Relief Gel

Lastly, ioVia’s CBD-THC Cool Relief Gel helps with inflammation of the muscles. This is the first and currently, the only mentholated topical available in Colorado in a 1:1 blend of CBD:THC. The relief gel is great for anyone that stresses their muscles like labor workers and athletes and is a must for anyone getting back into exercise.  I recently got into biking this year and this product was a muscle saver, reducing my soreness by about 50%.  And for those long bike rides the cool relief gel is also great for sunburns!

The ioVia team has created a line of wellness products that are easy to incorporate into your everyday life and this is why they get our Seal of Approval. For a deeper dive into all the products check out their awesome product guide! Mindful in their approach, this brand has a passion to improve the quality of life of anyone that engages with their product line. In addition, ioVia has created a COVID GUIDE to help the community through these uncertain times. This resource will help guide you through ioVia products to help alleviate specific ailments and help restore balance in your mind, body, and soul.

After vetting the product line and receiving nothing but positive feedback from my community as well as being a consumer myself,  ioVia receives the  Seal of Approval for their dedication to quality, consistency, simplicity, and community. I highly recommend this product line for anyone looking to live a more balanced and elevated lifestyle. 

ioVia products can be found at all City Sessions participating dispensaries; DANK Keeping Kind, The Herbal Cure, and LOVA CannaCo. Access our dispensary coupons in our City Sessions Guidebook 2020-2021 and see for yourself how the ioVia product line seamlessly incorporates into your wellness routine.