Keef Brands receives the seal of approval as the first cannabis beverage company to launch into the Medical and Adult Use Colorado market. Starting with their signature classic sodas, Keef has gained traction as they add to their collection with single serving Sparkling H2O, Mocktail mixers, and their Life H2O line. Continuing to dial in their formulation, the entire Keef beverage line is delicious and seamlessly integrates into everyday life. Keef Brands receives the City Sessions Seal of Approval for their dedication to innovation in the cannabis beverage category. 

keef blood orange receives seal of approvalWhen you think about consuming cannabis, do you ever think about drinking it? Culturally, it is common for people to enjoy a beer, glass of wine or cocktail at the end of a workday to unwind. As I prepare for dinner, I open my refrigerator and grab for a Keef Blood Orange Sparkling H2O. This refreshing, 10 milligram, low sugar beverage wenches my thirst as I enjoy it with my dinner and the after effect leaves me feeling relaxed.  Consuming cannabis in beverage form is a category of cannabis edibles that is becoming more and more popular in states that have cannabis programs.

Innovation in Infusion

What makes drinking cannabis so innovative? Naturally, cannabinoids are lipophilic compounds, meaning they are fat soluble and do not homogenized in liquid. Think oil and water. Keef Brands uses its own proprietary infusion process to combat this problem.  The formulators at Keef use chemistry to innovate their line of beverages, creating a solution for evenly emulsified cannabis beverages from first sip to last. In addition, the nano-emulsification process speeds up onset leaving you feeling the effects in 20-45 minutes. In the industry we call this high-tech. Winning! 

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A Social Beverage Alternative

I always say that the future of social consumption is in beverage form. With it being customary to drink alcohol at social events, Keef provides an alternative. Many of my guests are seeking a healthier alternative to alcohol while also wanting to achieve a relaxed state of mind. From their single serving 10mg soda beverages to their 10mg Sparkling H2O you can crack a can and drink it all the way through or, you can enjoy your desired amount and reseal the can and come back to it at a later time. The resealable can is a winner for those low dose consumers. In addition, getting creative with mixers allows you to make fancy mocktails for an elevated event (Check out our Halloween Keef Mocktails video!). Keef Life H2O are 100 mg beverages that come in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica variations. Personally, I enjoy Keef Life Sativa when I am skiing or hiking, Hybrid when I am doing yard work or being social and Indica, when I am winding down for bed. These low sugar beverages allow for dosing to your desired milligram and leave you feeling fresh the next day without a lethargic hangover. 

As you can see there are so many reasons why Keef Brands has knocked it out of the park. I highly recommend treating yourself to a Keef beverage at your next backyard BBQ, outdoor adventure, or chill evening at home. Keef products can be found at all City Sessions participating dispensaries!

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