June 26th – July 2nd

If you have a love for television series, then you will definitely want to check out the 3rd Season of SeriesFest starting this Tuesday, June 27th, through Sunday, July 2nd, at the SIE Film Center in the City Park neighborhood. This film fest is dedicated to “showcasing the best and boldest in episodic storytelling from around the world” including all of the different evolving platforms. With a 90’s throwback Opening Night at Red Rocks, this is going to be a week of celebrating television and engaging conversations. We HIGHLY recommend picking up a pack of LOVE’S OVEN Red Velvet Cookies from THE HERBAL CURE to keep you feeling uplifted as you take on SeriesFest!

If you enjoy classical music and the great outdoors, the Colorado Symphony will be performing The Planets and Mozart’s Jupiter at Red Rocks Amphitheater on Wednesday, June 29th. What better way to listen to music inspired by the planets, than under the big night sky. And with Christopher Dragon, an incredibly energetic and vivacious young Australian conductor, you will not want to miss out on this evening of culture. We HIGHLY recommend picking up some Crescendo Truffles by Coda from THE CLINIC to keep you feeling elevated and one with the music as you enjoy The Planets and Mozart’s Jupiter.

This Friday, June 30th, is the 2nd of 3 McNichol’s Project Events: the Wild West Project at the McNichols Building in Civic Center Park. At this event, you will explore the culture of the Wild West, a land of rebellious characters and high stakes, through drinks, food, music and decor from that era. The 2nd floor will be featuring diversity in the Wild West with Buffalo Bill posters, and the 3rd floor will have an Art exhibit titled the Diverse Voices of the Modern West. We HIGHLY recommend picking up some delicious Colorado Cannabis Co. terpene infused cartridges from PURE to keep you feeling buzzy as you explore the Wild West Project!

For those of you who enjoy watching movies while floating around, this Friday, June 30th, is the start of the Dive-In Movie season at Elitch Gardens and will be showing the cult classic, Jaws! Free with a season’s pass or with a park admission ticket, the park will close at 6:00 pm with the movie beginning at 7:30. Float around in the warm summer evening as you watch the hunt for a killer shark from the deep! We HIGHLY recommend picking up a pack of Dixie Citrus Blast gummies from DANK to keep you feeling uplifted as you enjoy the Dive-in movie!

For all you nerds out there, Comic Con is this weekend starting this Friday, June 30th, through Sunday, July 2nd, at the Colorado Convention Center downtown! This Comic Book Convention is where fans young and old gather to celebrate their passion for stories, with the majority of attendees dressing up as their favorite characters! There will be panels, guest speakers, opportunities to get autographs, and a plethora of vendors selling collector’s items, fan art, clothing, and so much more! We HIGHLY recommend picking up a MARY’S MEDICINALS Sativa Patch from THE CLINIC to keep you feeling alert and elevated at Comic Con!

If you are a fan of the arts, then you will not want to miss out on the Cherry Creek Arts Festival this weekend starting on Saturday, July 1st, through Monday, July 3rd. This is a world-class and award-winning celebration of the arts with attendance around 350,000 people over the three days. There will be juried visual artists from around the world, fine cuisine, live musical performances and artist demos, as well as plenty of activities for your entertainment. We HIGHLY recommend picking up a Blueberry Chroma Color Vape pen from LIVEGREEN to keep you smiling through the Cherry Creek Arts Festival!