For all those history buffs out there, Denver’s Museum of Nature & Science is now showing the exhibit Vikings: Beyond the Legend! This exhibit put together by the Swedish History Museum explores what life was really like for some history’s most notorious warriors beyond the images of bearded barbarians with horned helmets. With more than 500 treasures that have been collected from archeological discoveries throughout Scandinavia, you will gain a whole new perspective on this ancient culture. We Highly Recommend you grab a pack of Americanna gummies to keep you feeling chilled as you make it out to the Vikings: Beyond the Legend exhibit! For more details or to purchase tickets, Click Here!

If you are interested in learning more about the impact of cannabis in Colorado, then you will definitely want to check out City Forum’s 4 Years of Marijuana: Colorado’s Legalization Effect this Wednesday, March 15th, at the Breckenridge Brewery Tasting Room in Littleton. Since the legalization of cannabis in 2013, there has been a $2.4 billion economic impact in Colorado alone, and many states have an eye on us with intent to follow suit. The big question is: What can we learn from this? Join Colorado’s “Marijuana Czar” Ron Kammerzell, Dr. Chris Thurstone, Dave Morlan, Ph.D., and Marty Otañez, Ph.D. who will share their divergent opinions on this matter and really dive into the hard questions surrounding this budding business. We Highly Recommend you pick up a Tangie PAX Era Pod to keep you focused and elevated when you make it out to the  City Forum’s 4 Years of Marijuana. For more details or to purchase tickets, Click Here!

St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday, March 17th! You will definitely want to stock up on your greens beforehand. We Highly recommend picking up the following to keep you Blarney-stoned all weekend long!

  • Golden Goat, a hyper sativa hybrid from The Herbal Cure
  • Afgooey, a mellow and chill hybrid from DANK
  • Key Lime Pie, a Girl Scout cookie cross from the Clinic
  • Moon Boots, a chilled and tasty hybrid from PURE
  • Cookie Puss, a stinky and happy hybrid from Livegreen

If you are trying to avoid the Irish-loving craziness, and are feeling something a little mellower than you will want to check out the first McNichol’s Project event this Friday, March 17th. This event series will bring select Eras to 2017 Denver, with the first event being the Jazz Project! The Prohibition-era, Jazz Age, was a time when flappers donned their sequin gowns, bootleggers were slinging moonshine and Jazz music was filling basement clubs. This event will bring to you live Jazz music, Art of the decade, plenty of prohibition-style cocktails, and food trucks to keep you going. We Highly recommend you stock up on some joints at PURE before traveling back in time at the McNichol’s Jazz Project! For more details or to purchase tickets, Click Here!