Microdosing Cannabis: A Lifestyle

We all lead complex lives with unique experiences and challenges. As we go through our own personal human experience, we sit on a spectrum of feeling our best to our worst. We are all just trying to live our best lives, and for some, that is easier said than done. It could be a chronic ailment, a high-stress environment, a clouded mind, etcetera. For those looking for the benefits but are hesitant about the “high”, microdosing cannabis is a great place to start.

Microdosing is when one consumes a very low quantity, or dose, of a substance for its benefits without any of the undesired heaviness or psychoactivity. In the past, the term “Microdosing” has generally been associated with other psychotropics like LSD or Psilocybin (Magic mushrooms) as they are very potent substances and even a fraction of “dose” will still produce mild effects. These small doses can be used therapeutically and studies that are coming out are showing that it may heighten productivity, clear mental clutter, and help relieve depression and anxiety. The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, or MAPS, is at the forefront of this research for legal, medical, and cultural contexts.

In Colorado, we consider 10 mg of a cannabis-infused edible to be a single dose. As we discussed in Exploring Cannabis Products, everybody has a unique body chemistry that reacts to cannabis differently, meaning a proper “dose” will vary from person to person. By taking a fraction of Colorado’s recommended dose, say 2 or 3 mg, you can still feel some of the effects including mind/body relaxation and pain relief but it is not quite enough to feel much of the “high” or psychoactivity.

With long-term use, patients have found that it helps relieves chronic pain or stress, reduces anxiety and depression, builds up their immune system, lowers blood pressure, and so much more. In the early years of the US, when hemp was the top cash crop in the US, the crops were often used as feed for livestock. As we learned in A Little Lesson on Sativa, Indica, & Hybrids, Hemp is the cousin of cannabis and is usually has high levels of CBD. This, in turn, meant that when we consumed that pork and beef, we were unknowingly consuming low doses of Cannabinoids on a regular basis. Now many of us have to jump through hoops to try and get access to these compounds for medicinal purposes.

Microdosing is all about trying to find balance, both mentally and physically. For those with depression, anxiety, pain or stress it can be a great way to manage those levels in order to function through daily routines. For those with epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, a high dose can help manage a seizure or flare up, and a routine of microdosing on a regular basis can sometimes help dissipate the amount or severity of those episodes. Microdosing can also be a great way to decompress at the end of the day not unlike drinking a glass of wine or a beer, or for those desiring a good night’s rest after a long day.

If you are looking to take your experimentation with microdosing to the next level, we highly recommend you to try doing so with different ratios of CBD to THC. For example, the Colorado Cannabis Company produces a line of infused honey in different ratios that is great for infusing a low dose into your morning cup of coffee or tea. Mary’s Medicinals has a line of cannabinoid specific gel pens that dispense 2 mg doses as well as a bottle of CBD tincture that dispenses 2.5 mg doses per drop, both of which are great for microdosing with as they are easy to include into a daily routine. We HIGHLY recommend that you try experimenting with microdosing cannabis to see how it can benefit you!

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