Have you ever experienced a coffee tasting? I hadn’t, until recently when Novo invited me on their roastery tour to learn about the complex process of what truly makes a great cup of coffee. Starting in Africa one of the members of the Brodsky family seeks and sources the coffee direct from the farmer himself. Then, the coffee beans are carefully packed, floated across the ocean and finally driven here to Denver, Colorado, to be roasted and served up fresh for our enjoyment.

Okay, I missed a few steps, which you yourself can learn about if you visit the roastery on Fridays from 1pm to 4pm. Here is the long and short of it: There is a man. His name is Erich and he is the guy that puts in the heavy lifting to make sure the coffee is roasted to perfection. Erich will also be your guide, taking you through the roastery and explaining the cultivation and production processes. Then you will experience a “cupping,” also known as a tasting.

Now this is an experience! I learned that coffee is typically an afterthought. Most people drink the same coffee their parents drank growing up, and I began to discover the flavors I actually enjoy for myself: nutty, earthy, fruity, dirty, sweet. Do you know what you enjoy?

Maybe you do or maybe you don’t. Regardless of this I recommend going on a roastery tour because it is truly an awesome experience! The guys at Novo are changing coffee culture one good cup at a time. Family Owned. People Focused. Quality Driven = Pretty much killing it!

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