Session #23: The Colorado Tattoo Convention and Expo!

For those of you who view the body as a canvas, the Colorado Tattoo Convention is just around the corner from Thursday, September 29th, through Sunday, October 2nd! There will be live demonstrations from over 150 tattoo artists with 18 competition categories to compete in, over 17 categories for the Barber & Stylist Battle, a custom car show, live concerts, burlesque, live graffiti demonstrations, a pin-up fashion show, and so much more!
Goldie spoke with Jim Naron, an award-winning tattoo artist, to talk about the Tattoo Convention and how it is all about the camaraderie of the community and their shared passion for art. Although the competition is exciting, it is mostly about artists being able to showcase their skills and work.
The Ladies of City Sessions are excited to announce that we will be running daily tours from the convention starting at 1:00 pm for only $79.99! To book your seat today, CLICK HERE!