Session #24: Dab Etiquette with Purple Haze

This week the Ladies of City Sessions went down to purchase a new dab rig from our favorite neighborhood head shop, Purple Haze. Goldie picked out her piece, grabbed a torch and dabber, and set off to the Lounge with Caitie Wall, of Purple Haze, to show us how to take a proper dab.

Caitie was kind enough to bring some beautiful artsy pieces from her personal collection and explained how different types of quartz will cool at different times. About 30 seconds for the Chinese quartz and 45 seconds for the American.

The Ladies torched up their bowls, set a stopwatch, and waited for the bowls to cool. This cool time allows for a fuller terpene profile, or a better flavor, from the concentrate as well as a much smoother hit.

After taking their dabs, the ladies learned to give the bowl a quick wipe with a Q-tip to collect any leftover waxes and keep it clean.

Now you know a little dab etiquette!