Session #25: The Ladies Love Pure

This week the Ladies of City Sessions take you to one of their favorite spots on the City Sessions’ tour route, PURE Marijuana Dispensary! PURE is a friendly and medicinally focused dispensary that produces its own line of high-end CO2 oil infused products under the name of the Colorado Cannabis Co.

These incredible products include their CO2 oil syringes, CO2 oil cartridges, Pain Management Salve, drink mixes, honey, and the wonderland capsules, just to name a few!

Owner Ethan Borgg spoke with us about the vision he and his partner, Frank about creating products founded on science so that a consumer knows exactly what they are consuming. They started out as a medical institution and have continued that trend to this day with budtenders that are all knowledgeable and friendly and follow a lab coat concept.

Whether you are looking for medical relief, delicious buds or to find your next favorite lifestyle product, PURE Marijuana Dispensary has what you are looking for!