Session #27: The Ladies Elevate Their Lives at LiveGreen

This week the Ladies head down to the Green Mile, a stretch of South Broadway that is packed with dispensaries, to go shopping at their favorite one: Livegreen Cannabis! (Also known as Patient’s Choice to those shopping medicinally). The Ladies were greeted by one of the best budtenders in the city, Brayden, who helped Goldie find an uplifting, social and clear-headed high that she was looking for. After their shopping experience, the Ladies head back to the Lounge to dive into their purchases.

The Ladies ended up coming home with goodies from Sweet Grass, Mary’s Medicinals, The Growing Kitchen, Craft, Incredibles, and some delicious Flo flower grown in Livegreen’s garden. Since it was still the middle of the day, they decide to dive into the Flo since it is a mellow and clear-headed Hybrid strain. Check out this week’s video to see why Ladies LOVE Livegreen Cannabis on Broadway!