Sessions #28: JETT Cannabis

This week, the ladies of City Sessions sit down with Gregory Ringler, owner, and founder of JETT Cannabis, to learn why their cartridges are a step above the rest. The Ladies have given JETT Cannabis the Seal of Approval because:

  1. They don’t use cutting agents: Jett Cannabis cartridges are made with a pure CO2 extracted oil, unlike other brands that cut their product with propylene glycol (burns the throat and can cause headaches)
  2. The Quality Cartridge: Jett Cannabis uses a ceramic chamber instead of wick-like other brands which produces a much smoother hit.
  3. The Impeccable Taste: Jett Cannabis preserves terpenes throughout the extraction process which gives you delicious tasting hits every time.

Check out this week’s Session to learn more about why the Ladies love JETT Cannabis!!!