A few weeks ago, I booked a tour with a couple visiting from NYC. We started the tour from Denver International Airport where I picked them up in my SUV. After a few minutes of getting to know each other, the couple asked a series of questions regarding the new recreational cannabis industry. I provided detail of everything they wanted and needed to know regarding the Denver cannabis culture.

Now that my guests were fully informed and ready to try some product we made a stop at a dispensary located in the hip Denver Highlands. We were greeted by the owner who had a glowing smile on her face and made my guests feel instantly comfortable. Once inside the dispensary, my guests received a full education on the product line from a knowledgeable bud-tender. Feeling like kids in a candy shop, my guests wanted to try it all and walked out with a purchase that may have lasted longer than the 2 days they had in Denver to consume their new product selection.

We continued the tour with a visit to a beautiful hand-blown glass gallery where each cannabis piece was more intricate and beautiful than the next. Fortunately for my guests, we toured on Friday and it happened to be the first Friday of the month. We made our way to an Urban Winery for the first Friday festivities that were taking place. Every first Friday in Denver art galleries, wineries, breweries, and cafes open their doors and create a party-like atmosphere with art, music and adult beverages. We found a lovely patio spot and noshed on food from a local food truck, drank adult beverages and marinated in a wonderful high.

Later that evening as I dropped my guests off at their hotel, I could sense their joy from the day we spent together. On that Sunday, I drove my guests back to the airport and was gifted a Silver Dollar from 1883 made at the Denver Mint. My guests told me to carry it on me for luck. I have to say, I feel truly grateful to have had the opportunity to meet this couple. They will never be forgotten!