The Herbal Cure dispensary is a staple in the Colorado cannabis market. A blend of true cannabis culture brought forward by a personable, professional team, this little gem of a shop, pumps out some of the city’s most terpene-rich, potent, exotic strains in the Denver marketplace. At City Sessions, we pride ourselves in working with the highest quality products, brands, and operations in the Colorado cannabis market. Our community of brands all hold their own niche in the cannabis space and have been vetted by me, Goldie Solodar (aka Goldie the Knower) for their dedication to quality, consistency, innovation, and customer service.  With my unique position over the past six years being both business and consumer-facing, you can be assured that the businesses that comprise the City Sessions community showcase the best of the evolving cannabis culture and lifestyle. Thus, I am proud to give The Herbal Cure the City Sessions Seal of Approval for the second year in a row as they have persevered in one of the most robust and sophisticated cannabis markets in the country.

The Herbal Cure dispensary crew familyThe Colorado cannabis industry is dynamic and ever-changing. From medical into recreational cannabis, black market prices to market saturation, only the savviest operators have survived this rapidly changing market. Currently, there are 446 dispensaries in the greater Denver metro area, but it is important to know that not all dispensaries are created equal. One business that has survived the test of time is The Herbal Cure dispensary. With only 15 stand-alone mom and pop business left in Colorado, The Herbal Cure over the past ten years has gained a loyal local following as a result of their dedication to keeping up with national trends in growing high quality, exotic strains.

The Herbal Cure CEO Brandon BurnhamLocated on the south side of Denver near the Washington Park neighborhood, The Herbal Cure is a true destination location. What was once an old lumber yard, now converted into a medical cultivation that sits adjacent to their dispensary, the property features beautiful murals from local artists, plenty of parking, and a classic train car where the COE Brandon Burnham works out of. In the spirit of evolving, The Herbal Cure is currently renovating its medical grow. This new build will feature 126 LED lights and will be one of the highest tech, small scale cultivations in the city of Denver. With their quality already being exceptional, we cannot wait to see what they put out of this new operation with their first harvest dropping this coming August!

When recreational cannabis launched into the market in January of 2014, high potency strains were sought out by the masses. As consumers became more knowledgeable in their understanding of the plant, people began seeking strains that were not only potent but also provided a robust terpene profile. Over the years, The Herbal Cure has dominated in both categories, winning a blind growing competition in 2016 called The Grow Off. Today, The Herbal Cure is the genetic partner for The Grow Off, providing the mystery strain to 300 licensed industry cultivators as well as 50+ home growers. The Grow Off starts on Wednesday, May 27th for licensed growers and Saturday, May 30th for home growers. This year, seed breeder Cannarado Genetics is providing an unreleased mystery strain. Get excited and stay tuned for the winners to be announced and the genetic to be available for purchase at the end of the year.

The Herbal Cure Grow off beltsDo you think you could tell the difference between quality cannabis and mass-produced cannabis? You do not know unless you know, and The Herbal Cure will make that clear! I highly recommend stopping in and trying some of Matt Bencivenga the COO’s favorite strains. Why his favorite strains? Matt is a genetic specialist and has been overseeing the operation at The Herbal Cure for the past 5 years. I can assure you he is dialed into what is good coming out of the grow which are Bubba Diagonal (breeders Down with Dirt), Durban Poison, and Bio-Diesel BX (breeders 303 seeds). Enjoy your experience at The Herbal Cure and enjoy 15% off your purchase on City Sessions (coupon @citysessionsdenver Instagram highlights).

Take a tour through The Herbal Cure’s newest medical grow and shop their wide variety of strains and products on a custom city sessions tour! Explore our experiences and book here.

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Goldie “The Knower” Solodar