Tour the Community 2018: Dispensary partners

With the start of each new year, we begin the process of deciding what companies and brands to include in our community for the upcoming business year, marked by the release of our Guidebook each April. While vetting these companies, we seek brands that stand out under three main pillars: Quality, Aesthetics, and Customer Service. The dispensaries that we work with are vital to our community as they are home to the wide variety of cannabis products available in Colorado, including the brands in our community, as well as being one of our main destinations while on tour.

Budtender @the Clinic

The Clinic has been a long time partner with City Sessions, and just walking into one of their stores will tell you why. As one of the top-awarded dispensaries for its in-house flower and concentrate lines, the Clinic is dedicated to serving high-quality products by knowledgeable staff. Home to the Labs [Concentrates] and the Bank [Strains & Seeds], the Clinic supplements its in-house products with those of the tops brands in Denver to have all your cannabis needs covered. With 4 locations around Denver, there is a consistency across each location so regardless of where you stop in, all of your favorites will be there. The Crew’s favorite product would definitely have to be the HTE [High Terpene Extract] Live Resin Pax Pods that come in a variety of terpelicious strains!


DANK: Keeping Kind also has been a long-time partner with City Sessions, and for good reasons! As a Park Hill neighborhood staple, DANK takes a “Farm to Bowl” approach to their cannabis that you can smell, and taste in every toke. Their dedication to Keeping Kind starts in the garden and continues through to the compassionate and knowledgeable budtenders serving the shop. Not only do they grow amazing flower, but their selection of concentrates, vapes, and edibles are also all curated by the staff for their quality and effectiveness. The Crew’s favorite strain from the garden is Cinderella 99, a sweet and citrusy Sativa-dominant hybrid that leaves you feeling elated and euphoric with a grin from ear to ear.

Joe W2F THCs Growoff Belts

The Herbal Cure has become an asset to the City Sessions community over the last 2 years, and have blown us away time and time again with their dedication to the craft that can be seen in the gargantuan colas in their garden. This husband and wife owned enterprise is a standalone operation in the heart of Washington Park and maintains a loyal local following. Housed in a historical landmark lumbermill, the cozy rustic feel is enhanced with their own wooden caboose in the front lot and rounded out with a high-quality flower selection that has won them much prestige. The Crew’s favorite would definitely be the Purple Cheddar, a cheesy hybrid, or their sedative and floral Cherry Bubba!

NRthumbnail 300x300

Natural Remedies {Natty Rems} is the newest member of the City Sessions community, and we are so excited to have them! This single-location shop in the heart of Downtown is a must for cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Wanting to focus on what they do best, you won’t find an overwhelming assortment of products to distract you, just their exceptional strains and correlating concentrate line [Concentrated Remedies]. The Crew’s favorite product would hands down have to be their Natty OG Live Resin, a flavorful experience that will leave you wanting more!!

If you haven’t already, we HIGHLY recommend that you pick up a 2018 City Sessions Guidebook and take yourself on a tour around Denver and see some of the best cannabis this city has to offer. We are certain that you will have a pleasant and educational experience at any one of these 4 fine dispensaries!!

Keep a lookout for next week’s Tour of the Community where we dive into some of the amazing products you will find on the shelves of these wonderful establishments!