We’re living in a historic time here in the United States.  As cannabis legalization continues to gain more momentum, we are seeing more and more people bring this incredible plant into their lives. The negative stigmas surrounding cannabis are beginning to fade and we are heading in a brave new direction.  An incredible amount of new research and information is coming out about this plant and it’s beginning to feel like the more we learn, the less we know.  Although this may, in fact, be true, the need for cannabis education is more important now than ever.  Cannabis education is important because people need to be informed about cannabis, the industry that surrounds it, and how it interacts with their bodies.  Cannabis has true healing power and boosting knowledge of the plant, its compounds, and the product lines created from it will greatly help you when deciding how to incorporate it into your life.

Cannabis is a complex plant.  It produces many different compounds (cannabinoids) that all have an effect on the human body.  Learning and understanding these different cannabinoids, and how they interact with your endocannabinoid system is very important when incorporating cannabis into your lifestyle. THC and CBD are the two most well-known cannabinoids, but we now know that there are approximately 140 other cannabinoid compounds that the cannabis plant can produce.  Educating yourself about these cannabinoids will allow you to use them to combat specific ailments or create specific effects within your body.  Cannabinoids can work synergistically together in a broad spectrum or individually as isolates as we discuss in full-spectrum vs. isolate extract.  Experimenting with different products that either contain a broad spectrum of cannabinoids or isolated cannabinoids will give you greater insight into what works best for your body.  The flood gates for cannabis are open so we will continue to see more and more cannabis-based products hit the market here in the years to come.  Being educated on the cannabinoids will help you to easily navigate these new products and allow you to choose the ones that are right for you.

Now that we have many different product lines that give consumers options when it comes to what cannabinoids they want to consume, we also have many different options for methods of consumption.   Every day we see new products coming to market with new innovative delivery systems.  While these innovations are an incredible step forward, all the choices can be confusing and each delivery system might not be ideal for what effect the consumer is looking for.  For instance, if you are treating psoriasis, an infused lotion is going to work much better than a tincture or oral spray.  It’s important to learn about these delivery systems and to identify the delivery system that is right for you and the ailments that you are looking to combat.  Using the wrong delivery system may not create the effects that you are looking for when consuming your cannabis products.

Health and Wellness products are massively trending right now and cannabis is rapidly becoming a part of this multi-billion dollar industry.  Hundreds of CBD products have hit the shelves in the past year and many of them have been found to lack the ingredients, specifically the amount of CBD that they are said to contain. What’s worse currently some do not contain any CBD at all when the label directly references the inclusion of CBD as an ingredient. Others have been found to contain toxic compounds like heavy metals and solvents.  At this point in this newly emerging market, not all CBD and cannabis products are created equally but most consumers are not educated enough about the industry to know this information.  Many companies have taken advantage of the CBD and cannabis trends. They have released products into the market without proper testing of potency and cannabinoid content or proper testing of the raw materials used to formulate the products.  When purchasing products from CBD retailers, always ask to see the Certificates of Analysis (COAs).  This document should contain potency testing for cannabinoid content, as well as, contaminant testing for residual solvents and heavy metals.  Many consumers have no idea how these products are made, so many of them have no idea that such toxic chemicals could still remain in these products.  Most consumers also do not know that you can request the COAs from companies.  If you are purchasing from a company that either cannot or will not show you the testing paperwork for their products, do not buy their products.  Access to accurate and transparent information on these products is crucial for the longevity and legitimacy of this industry and your health.

As we push forward into this new industry, education will remain to be incredibly important.  Understanding this new industry and these new products is very important as they become part of the mainstream wellness culture.  We know that educating yourself on cannabis can be tough.  There is lots of misinformation that has permeated blogs and articles about cannabis and the right information can be hard to find.  At City Sessions, our goal is to help provide you with the most current research and information surrounding this plant, the product lines, and the industry surrounding it.  We have a wealth of information about cannabis in The Human Side of Cannabis section of our website.  It is a great place to start when beginning to learn about the cannabis plant.  We will continue to add content to The Human Side of Cannabis, so stay tuned for what’s to come.  The industry is changing every day, and we’ll be here keeping you updated and informed on all things cannabis.

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