Our Story
ioVia™ was founded by a passionate team that’s served Colorado medical cannabis patients since 2010. Our simple, high-quality products were born out of a desire to better serve patients looking for consistent, effective cannabis solutions. After years of listening to thousands of patients’ concerns, our passionate team has crafted an expanding product line that offers precision dosing and optimized blends of CBD & THC in the pursuit of giving our customers control over their health and wellness.

Our Mission
From inception in 2014, ioVia’s™ mission has been to provide consistent, reliable cannabis experiences to enhance individuals’ daily lives. We fully believe in the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids, and that includes THC as well as CBD. That’s why our product lines include options with blends for less intoxicating effects; to facilitate users’ ability to reap those benefits as part of a daily regimen while maintaining control of their daily activities and lifestyle. ioVia™ is a discreet, convenient addition to your daily routine that helps you feel better every day.

Our Products
ioVia™True Transdermal Creams Our Cannabis Cup Award-Winning True Transdermal Creams have been uniquely formulated to provide fast, localized relief along with benefits to your overall wellness. Our transdermal cream base works specifically with CBD & THC molecules, delivering your preferred dose safely and effectively through the skin. If you’re new to cannabis wellness or looking for systemic alternatives to smoking or ingesting, our creams offer a convenient and safe way to get the benefits of cannabis with a controlled and precise methodology.

ioVia™ Precision Dose Tinctures Our Precision Dose Tinctures are formulated to help maximize the absorption of CBD and THC, without flavors or fillers. Use in drinks or cooking as an edible – or take it under your tongue for faster sublingual relief. ioVia’s™ optimized blends make our tinctures perfect for micro-dosing and less intoxicating effects. And our precision dose formulations ensure a consistent experience every time.

ioVia™ CBD-THC Cool Relief Gel (NEW FOR 2020) Our Cool Relief Gel helps you achieve high level performance without the high. Ideal for athletic recovery, sunburns, and muscle pain, Cool Relief Gel can provide fast-acting relief by targeting pain-related inflammation. Cooling menthol increases blood flow while soothing irritation and discomfort, making it ideal for post-workout muscle soreness and local inflammation. Our perfectly balanced 1:1 blend offers the benefits of both CBD and THC for quick, cool relief.

IoVia™ CBD-THC Restorative Bath (NEW FOR 2020) Our Restorative Bath is rich in magnesium and essential oils that ease stress and inflammation, paired with carefully-selected essential oils – skin-nourishing aloe vera, soothing lavender, and rejuvenating tea tree – to enhance the medicated experience. Our balanced 1:1 blend of CBD & THC is ideal for soaking away tension, muscle soreness, and stressful days.


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