Stillwater Brands

Inspired by his grandmother with diabetes that wanted to try cannabis, but didn’t like the idea of smoking, was confused by vaping, and afraid of overconsuming edibles. Even after giving her a 100mg brownie meticulously cut into 20 pieces, the fear wasn’t abated. The founder realized that even Colorado’s 10mg dose can be a little much for people looking for relief but not to get high, so experimented and refined, until he came to a 2.5mg dose. Enough to relax, relieve and ease pain without the intoxication. Since health was the biggest concern, he decided that tea was a natural, wholesome, and comforting way to consume. Hence Stillwater was born!

With the mission to help responsible adults find the calm they need to stay focused, productive, and in control of life’s many anxious moments. That’s why they offer a full range of precisely-dosed products that are made with a water-soluble, cannabinoid distillate! So you can have a fast-acting, repeatable experience that you can trust!

RIPPLE Gummy Suppliments
Ripple Gummy Supplements are low dose, healthy and natural way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. Infused with all-natural fruit juices and colors, low in sugar and fat, and Made with Ripple for a fast-acting, functional experience, our gummy supplements are the perfect complement to your exciting/exhausting lifestyle.

RIPPLE Dissolvable THC
Their refined water-soluble pure distillate that has a quick onset and lasts. Perfect for infusing any meal or beverage! Available in Pure 10mg (THC), Balanced (5mg THC & 5mg CBD), or Relief 20:1 (10mg CBD & .5mg THC).

RIPPLE QuickSticks
Flavored Ripple powder with perfectly precise portion of CBD + THC, that simply dissolves on your tongue. No unpleasant oil slicks or unwelcome “grassy” flavors. Just all the good stuff.

Looking to purchase Stillwater products?

Stillwater products can be found at our participating Denver dispensaries The Herbal CureDANK: Keeping Kind | LOVA

Or check out their “Store Locator” map for a location near you!