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Cannabis Tours and Education

City Sessions Denver provides cannabis immersion experiences with an educational focus. Our custom experiences are tailored to first time consumers, recreational consumers, industry investors, and medical patients.  Whether you are looking to have an elevated vacation, seeking more knowledge about the plant for personal use, or coming to take a deep dive into our industry, we have you covered.  Check out our various experiences and let us show you how to incorporate cannabis into your life.  

The Human Side of Cannabis

The Human Side of Cannabis is an educational blog series that was created to provide the most complete and up to date cannabis information. Its content is researched and written by three industry experts with a combined 18 years of experience in the legal cannabis market. We encourage you to start this series from the beginning (page 3) and read through it chronologically as the series builds on itself.  It can also be used to research and learn about specific topics.  However you use it, we hope it guides you on your cannabis journey.

Online Store

Welcome to the City Sessions online store. The products found in this store have been vetted by a team of experts for quality, consistency and customer service to ensure the optimal consumer experience.  This store brings forward the highest quality CBD wellness products, most innovative technology, and cultural apparel that will never have you second-guessing. We know finding quality, reputable products take time and energy, so we did the work for you. Enjoy exploring the products in our store and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. | 720.250.8828

Vaporizer Rentals

Looking to consume with discretion?

Pax 3

$20.00 PER DAY
The PAX 3 is a discrete, classy, high end portable flower and concentrate vaporizer that puts off a flavorful and clean vapor that won’t burn your throat. It is the perfect device for discrete on-the-go consumption!
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$25.00 PER DAY
The Volcano Vaporizer is a staple at the City Sessions Lounge. This tabletop vaporizer unit offers a full flavor profile of your flower without the smell. Check out SESSION #18 to see how to use the Volcano Vaporizer.
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Loto Legend

$25.00 PER DAY
The Loto Legend is the first of its kind table-top concentrate vaporizer. The Loto Legend uses magnetic induction heating to bring the heating element to temperature in seconds. No need for a torch as this all in one rig has you covered.
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Puffco Peak

$25.00 PER DAY
The Puffco Peak is the first-ever “smart rig” and is one of the most highly awarded concentrate vaporizers of all time.  The Peak is compact, sleek and easy to use.  It's the perfect device for those new to dabbing as well as cannabis concentrate connoisseurs.
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