Discrete Consumption

We have top of the line vaporizer rentals in Denver. A vaporizer is a great way to achieve the high you are looking for without the smell of burning buds. By heating cannabis at a lower temperature than combustion, a vaporizer produces a vapor (not smoke) that still contains active THC and cannabinoids, without the harmful carcinogens or the smell. Contact Us today to reserve your vaporizer rentals in the Denver area.




PAX 3 Black

The PAX 3 is the best dual-use vaporizer for both flower and concentrates. This unit offers a flavorful and clean vapor that won’t burn your throat. Great for inside use or on the go.

$20 per night                                                Click here to reserve now!


Product 2 50x150

The VOLCANO VAPORIZER is a staple at the City Sessions Lounge. This tabletop vaporizer unit offers a full flavor profile of your flower without the smell. Check out SESSION #18 to see how to use the Volcano Vaporizer.

$25 per night                                                Click here to reserve now!

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is the first-ever “smart rig” and is one of the most highly awarded concentrate vaporizers of all time.  The Peak is compact, sleek and easy to use.  Its the perfect device for those new to dabbing as well as cannabis concentrate connoisseurs.

$25 per night                                              CLICK HERE TO RESERVE NOW!

Loto Legend

Loto Legend

The Loto Legend is the first of its kind table-top dab rig. The Loto Legend used electromagnetic heating to bring the heating element to temperature in seconds. No need for a torch as this all in one rig has you covered.

$25 per night                                              CLICK HERE TO RESERVE NOW!

Failure to return a rented device on the scheduled date and time will result in a credit card charge of the full retail price of the device, plus the carrying case.