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Goldie Solodar aka “The Knower”

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Goldie Solodar has claimed her title, “The Knower” for her deep knowledge of the Colorado cannabis industry. Her depth of understanding draws from a strong network of high-level industry insiders, direct and consistent interaction with all levels of consumers, and a rigorous dedication to staying abreast of new research and technology. At the inception of Colorado Adult-Use cannabis in 2014, Goldie launched her business City Sessions, a cannabis tourism and lifestyle company specializing in industry immersion experiences with an educational focus. Being both business and consumer-facing in the US’ first legal Adult Use market allows her to speak to the industry from a 360-degree perspective.

Goldie’s insights have proven invaluable time and again to cannabis investors in emerging markets around the US. Goldie’s specialized investor education tours highlight the top brands and strategies of some of the most innovative companies in the industry. With expertise born out of the matured Colorado market, Goldie keeps her finger on the pulse of this evolving industry and will position your business for success.

“Understanding business is one thing, understanding the business of cannabis is something very different. Experience matters, let me be your guide”


Consulting & Advising


  • Product development & strategy
    • Demographic Research & Customer feedback
    • Network connections
    • B2B and B2C Strategy
    • Sales pitches
    • Advanced development timelines
    • Formula and ingredient vetting 
    • Packaging and Branding
    • Knowledge of market development
  • Equipment and instrumentation
    • Inventory & supply chain
  • Cultivation, laboratory, dispensary design and build out
  • Staff trainings
    • Compliance 
    • Product education
    • Consumption education
    • Medical vs. recreational use & resources
  • Business planning & strategy
    • Market demographic research
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Market & national forecasting
  • Internal and external Brand development 
  • Website design and development
  • Social media strategy and digital presence
    • Visual representation

Select Projects


Chesapeake Apothecary Dispensary

White Plains, MD
Scope of Work
• Educational Tours of Verticals 
• Introduction to consultants for SOPs and license applications
          • Won medical dispensary license in the state of Maryland
• Educational tours with staff on current trends, product lines, and the evolving marketplace
• Assess viability of extraction license/asset purchase and present opinion and results of research
        • Audited market 
        • Investigated supply chain options 
        • Evaluated investors and strategic partnerships
• Conclusions: 
          • Discouraged purchase of asset based on inflated price tag due to lack of supply chain

5 Leaf Lab - Extraction Facility

Tulsa, OK
Scope of Work
• Business plan and strategy 
        • Demographic and market research 
        • Facility design exploration
• Instrumentation and Equipment
          • Introduction to vetted supplier
          • Operating plan for phased growth
          • Lab inventory
• Product Development
          • Introduction to vetted packaging
          • Inventory and equipment planning
• B2B customer development – Consumer first sales strategy

Reddy Ice - CBD Craft Ice

Denver, CO
Scope of Work
• Advise in development of Craft CBD ice cube
• Business plan
• Budgeting/financing
• Ingredient lines & formulation




Trivium - Cultivation

Nuica, MI
Scope of Work
• Three day exploratory Industry Insider tour in Colorado with entire team  
• Strategic Advising
        • Scaling – Cultivation expansion
        • B2B customer relationship coaching
• Branding and website
        • Oversaw renaming and rebranding
        • New logo development
        • Built new website
        • Social media strategy and content creation coaching
        • Developed internal and external brand profile

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Education Session


“My business partner and I knew we wanted to participate in the cannabis industry whenever it became legal in Oklahoma.  Within a week of the legislation passing, we were in Denver in search of a Cannabis Industry Consultant.  After our first conversation with Goldie, we knew she was the one.  There are so many decisions to make regarding equipment, vendors, staff, products – we needed to shorten our learning curve and Goldie delivered big time.  Her connections and insight were, and continue to be, so valuable.  We are two years into our business cycle and we still utilize Goldie’s expertise and insight into the industry.”Catherine Glock, Partner, 5 Leaf Lab

“We found City Sessions at the very beginning of our entrance into the cannabis industry. Their knowledge of all things cannabis was both inspiring and contagious. Goldie and her team set the tone for what an ongoing industry consulting relationship should be. We tap into their knowledge every step of the way and would be lightyears behind where we are without them.”Leon Wunsch, Partner, 5 Leaf Lab

“Our company wanted to learn more about bringing a CBD infused product forward and was referred to Goldie.  We consulted with her business and she helped educate us about CBD, but also shared a wealth of knowledge around the plant in general that will be helpful as we roll out future products.  Goldie has been instrumental in our learnings and helping us position future products for our business.”  Brian Washnock, SVP Growth & Business Development, Reddy Ice

Corporate Experiences & Educational Tours


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