Definitely book with City Sessions

I will try to keep this short. We hired Goldie to pick us up at the airport and take us to our hotel in Downtown. The next day she picked us up and took us to Red Rocks and Lookout Mountain and a great dispensary. She also took us to the airport for our return trip. Her knowledge is incredible! She even took us to a great empanada place for a to-go breakfast. This trip was celebrating my 60th birthday and Goldie made that happen beyond my expectation. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will definitely book with City Sessions on our next trip to Denver.

Gail & Bill M 07/21/2022

Do it, don’t hesitate

One of the best things we did. Goldie is professional and knowledgeable and made the day wonderful! The dispensary we visited was amazing with an awesome staff. Such a good tour, if we ever make it out there again, I would setup something with them again in a heartbeat. Don’t even think about it, just do it. You won’t regret it.

Anonymous 06/23/2021 VIP Full Day

Birthday Tour

Definitely made my birthday experience one to remember, This was the best tour that you could ever go on, whether it’s from knowing the knowledge, passion for the business & culture, as well as being personable, creating each experience to personally fit you. Definitely making this part of my every time to do list when I land in Denver. Thank you Goldie for making my birthday a greattttt one.

Joe 04/30/2021 B Day Tour 🙂

Excellent Experience

By far the coolest and most educational experience we had during our trip to Denver. Goldie has amazing energy, is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and offers an exceptional tour service! I highly recommend City Sessions and the commercial tour + butane extraction facility!

Hailey 9/25/2020 Commercial + Butane extraction facility

Such an amazing tour

My father and I were in town for the weekend and looking for a cannabis tour. City Sessions did not disappoint. Goldie is an absolute pleasure. Very knowledgeable with such a great personality. Extremely relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Would highly recommend!

Michael Jolly 09/26/2020

Learning about the Benefits of Cannabis/CBD

Goldie is a very good teacher who provided my wife and I with tons of information regarding the benefits of cannabis. She brought us to the Dank dispensary which was such an eye opening experience-pointing out how much science goes into the production of cannabis. Lastly Goldie gave us a fantastic tour of the Mile High City and a great local lunch stop. OVERALL IT WAS TERRIFIC!

Roy Gibson 09/09/2020 Half Day

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Bachelor party

Goldie is honestly the best tour guide/host of all time. Starting off a bachelor party weekend with Goldie made the entire trip worth it.

Jordan Scott 9/11/2020 City Sessions Tour

The best way to kick off your trip

What an incredible educational experience with Goldie. Top notch customer service! The one on one personalized tour was an amazing start to our Colorado vacation. This is a MUST DO for a personal , up close, and educational experience about the industry and products. Highly recommended to any person who wants to learn and have an incredible experience. I will planning a trip back to the area with another session with Goldie.

Alysia Bullock 08/26/2020 1/2 day tour

SDM And Goldie

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

I booked a private cannibis tour with Goldie for myself, fiance, and his good friends during our recent Colorado vacation. I am not a connoisseur of cannibis, as are the others in my group. However, I was pleasantly surprised how much Fun & Educational our tour was. What was meant to be an Highlight for the others, turned out to be one for myself as well. I would highly recommend to book a tour with Goldie Solodar. Perfect for Novice to Connoisseurs. Goldie was Amazing!

Stacy Menzie Aug. 4, 2020 Private Tour with Goldie

IMG 3444




Bachelor Party

So this tour totally started differently than we expected due to covid we had to change hotels but Goldie worked with us and showed up and ready to have a good time. This tour was very eye opening just seeing the process of how it grows, cures, then made into concentrat. We then went to red rock and had a blast, the whole time we were laughing and having a good time and Goldie made sure of it. Thank for the awesome time

Raymond Montoya 6/27/20 Fun tour

Amazing Tour!

My wife and I took the industry insiders tour with Goldie and we absolutely cannot say enough good things about this experience. Goldie is not only smart, personable and thoughtful but also very involved and up to date with all the regulations around the industry both inside and outside of Colorado. We learned everything we wanted to about the industry and more on our tour. Next time we are in Denver and want a fun and professional tour service we will most definitely be using City Sessions Denver!

Cameron Holsinger 02/08/2020 Industry Insiders Tour

Excellent experience

Everything about this company is 5 stars. When I first called to inquire, they were professional, patient and very helpful. Goldie not only helped book our tour to match our group’s needs, but also gave recommendations for other activities during our time in Denver.

CJ 10/26/19

Excellent Experience at New Location!

The City Sessions Cannabis Education tour was the highlight of our visit to Denver! We met Clayton at their new location in the River North Arts District, a really cool area. They had just moved from Uptown, so were still getting organized, but the new office is really comfortable. My buddy was very interested in the details of growing, so he and Clayton spent a lot of time on that, after of course sampling a bit of the wares! Very mellow hour learning about the cannabis industry in Colorado and the details of growing. We then took a ride in their well-equipped and very comfortable SUV to Dank’s growing facility and dispensary. Their usual tour guide wasn’t available so Clayton took over, not missing a beat! He is very knowledgeable, very well spoken, and a great tour guide. The tour takes you from seed to harvest and was fascinating! You then go to their dispensary and take advantage of a nice discount on the wares.
Note that these tours are private – just us with Clayton. The photos on their website lead you to believe that you’ll be in a group, but it is very personal, just your party and the guide.
We met the founder, Goldie, at the new office and she is really sharp and friendly as well. All-in-all, an excellent experience. The high ratings are well-deserved and the experience is well worth the price. Highly recommend!
Thanks Goldie, Clayton, City Sessions, and the crew at Dank!

Clayton & Jeff 10/8/2019 Cannabis Education

Epic Excursion

Hi Goldie,

Thank you for a phenomenal experience as it not only broadened our knowledge of Cannabis and the industry but the quality of life that Denver and the region has to offer. We’ll definitely leverage what we’ve learned and have already planned to return.


Albert & Nena

Albert & Nena September 21, 2019 Half Day Discovery


Goldie and Clayton over-delivered on my expectations. Not only did I walk away with a better understanding of the overall cannabis industry, but also an insiders perspective on the cannabis legal and regulatory structure, issues and opportunities. The one-to-one time with Clayton was phenomenal as he is well-versed on the history as well as current political situation. I was pleasantly surprised by his in-depth industry knowledge. I will go back on another tour to get even more insights when I am back to Denver. THANK YOU City Sessions!

Sharon August 9th Industry Tour

Excellent tour that was very educational & fun

Awesome tour that brought us into a growery where we could see how each stage of the plant is treated & grown. We also spent a lot of time in a usage-friendly vehicle between dispensaries or shops which included a really yummy lunch at this nearby sandwich shop. Both Goldie & Clayton treated my group with excellent hospitality and were both very fun to hang out with as well. I actually went on a second marijuana tour here in Denver that I had planned before City Sessions made its way into my itinerary, and it was honestly not anywhere as special. This city sessions tour was awesome.

Michael Wolcott 8-8-19 City sessions dispensary & growery tour

hand touching a cannabis plant

Great experience

My friend and I had a private 3 hr tour with an emphasis on learning about medical marijuana use. Clayton was fabulous- made us feel very comfortable to ask questions and very knowledgeable. The tour with Jeremy at DANK was so cool! Could tell he was very passionate about his work. Even the sales person at the DANK dispensary was super nice and patient with us, as people who don’t know much about cannabis. I am already telling friends, who now want me to go again and take them next time!

Rachael 7/19/19 Medical marijuana

Medical Education Session

I attended a Medical consultation/education, grow house and dispensary tour with Goldie. It was an outstanding experience. Goldie has a wealth of knowledge about cannabis and the medicinal benefits of the plant. I don’t think I could have obtained this much knowledge in such a short amount of time anywhere else. I truly think that her knowledge of the various products and dosing will help my family with pain management. I very highly recommend that anyone using or wishing to use cannabis as medicine attend this tour with Goldie.

Mark 06/29/2019 Medical

Outstanding experience

My husband & I came to Denver for my 50th birthday. My Dad & my stepmom planned for my husband & I to go on 2 tours with City Sessions. Clayton was are tour guide. Let me tell you he should be the ambassador of the Denver area! He showed us many interesting things. Not only with the cannabis industry, which he is very knowledgeable with.(my husband kept saying I though I knew something…) There were so many things we wouldn’t of seen if it wasn’t for him. He’s a really fun guy & made us feel like we were old friends. City Sessions tours are fantastic & I would highly recommended anyone to go on there tours, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED! Clayton went above & beyond to make sure we had a great time.
Thank You Very much,
Ed & Terri

Ed & Terri 06/20/19-06/21/19 Private custome tour

Hope for the Future

My initial call was answered by Clayton, who make me feel very comfortable as he answered my questions and explained the tour to me. Expecting Clayton I was surprised that Goldie was our tour guide. My problem is lack of sleep, Goldie explained all about THC, CBD, CBN and how they interact. The tour at DANK, which showed the entire lifecycle of the plant was extremely fun and enlightening. Now home I will be trying different combinations until I find the right one to afford me the sleep I deserve. I know that I have a trusted friend who I can always call to advise me how to proceed – THANKS GOLDIE!
With great affection,
Carl H.

Carl 05/22/19 Medical tour

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Highly Informative!

Goldie was amazing, passionate and had a wealth of information on the industry. She generally knew as much and often times more than the facility guides. Her feedback on the industries history and future was very helpful to us. I imagine great things for City Sessions and Goldie in the future. All the best!

Cory Powell May 26/19 Investor

Highlight of trip to Denver

Goldie was beyond helpful and accommodating to us, was knowledgable enough to answer all of our questions and then some, and we were very comfortable the entire tour. I’d highly recommend the tour to anyone seeking more information about the cannibas industry and trying something new, or just visiting Denver.

Ann 05/11/2019 Cannibas Education Tour

Worth Every Penny

I had a great time on my Tour of the senses. My tour guide was Clayton and together we perused several of the cannabis industry developments that Denver had to offer. Clayton was easily able to answer my questions about the legal framework in Colorado, the life-cycle of the cannabis plant, and even potential places to move to in Denver. His answers are backed by his years of experience in the industry as well as a clear passion for the plant. There is nobody you would rather have with you on a Dispensary-crawl. My favorite part of the adventure was touring the ‘Dank’ grow facility. We met with an esteemed grower and were shown the many rooms that contained cannabis at varying stages of development. It was crazy and it smelled like heaven.

Sean R. 3/12/19 Tour of the Senses

Best thing we did in Denver

My husband and I were in Denver visiting some friends. My sister had told me about city sessions and she insisted I had to do it. I looked into it and the price made me a little uncomfortable, but yolo so I decided to splurge. Hands down! the best thing we did in Denver and possibly Colorado. We planned our own tour with a dispensary tour (OMG!!!) and visits to Red Rock, Pike’s Peak and then to a glass blowing demo. When I booked, Goldie called me and asked all the right questions to find out about us and what we like. We had soooooo much fun with Goldie and her trainee (forgive me I don’t remember her name, but she was awesome as well). We felt like we were old friends. After the tour we realized we left our gift bag in the SUV. We called Goldie and made a plan to stop by on our way somewhere and she surprised us with an impromptu dab session and we just had such a great time. The trip was fantastic and money very well spent. Or glass piece did end up breaking when we got home, but we let Goldie know and she sent us a new piece from the same guy. Excellent customer service! I meant to write this review some time ago, but you know how life is, however, city sessions made such an impression on my husband and me that I just had to write them a review. If you’re new to the industry, this would be and excellent and anxiety-free way of learning all you need to know to have a good time. I’ve recommended it to many and those that have tried it have loved it.

H May 2018 Personalized tour

Great Time in the Mile HIGH City

Fantastic tour. Goldie and Clayton are both super professional. Clayton was our guide and the guy is extremely knowledgeable and super chill. Great guy to hang with and enjoy bud together. Can’t inagine anyone complaining about this tour. Definitely worth it!

Daniel 3/8/19 Tour of the Senses

Great education!!!

Clayton was great…….extremely knowledgeable and a likable young guy to hang around with. My wife and I had a great time!

Ken 11/7/18 New to Cannabis

Best Private Tour Hands Down!

Goldie is hands down the best tour guide! We took a 4.5 hour tour and were learning something new every minute of the trip! Goldie had an informed and quick answer for absolutely everything! We loved the beautiful sights of Red Rocks, the dispensary tour was so neat. We had never been to Denver before and getting to see so many of the sights was amazing. The whole experience was money well spent!!!

S.H. 10/20/2018 Tour of the Senses

Great Tour

Clayton and City Sessions provided a super fun, informational, and educational tour for our group. We were able to bounce ideas and questions off of him that were very helpful to our decision making process.

Joseph 10/15/18 Half Day

Good People

We were visiting Denver and decided that one of City Sessions’ Half Day Tours was a nice way to spend one of our afternoons. It was a really eye-opening experience to see how Colorado’s cannabis industry is growing into a billion-dollar behemoth, and all of the innovation that is being spurred.

City Sessions provided Clayton as our resident expert and tour guide, and the 10+ years he has spent in the industry really showed in the tours that we took through various businesses throughout the city in our own personalized experience. Clayton held a very relaxed demeanor through the whole tour, willing to accommodate any on-the-fly changes to our schedule as issues came up. He was just as comfortable discussing the trade impact of legalization in Canada
as he was 90s music, and he also made some excellent recommendations about where to visit in the city.

We also used City Sessions for airport service, which we also very much recommend. Clayton picked us up and dropped us off curbside at the airport. Overall a very positive experience. The best of luck to Clayton, Goldie, and the rest of the good folks at City Sessions!

Roland 08/31/2018 Half Day Tour

Better than expected!!

It was better than expected. Goldie/ City Sessions was prompt with phone calls, checking in to ensure our needs and expectations would be met on this tour. Goldie’s expertise was invaluable as we got caught up in the 21st century as well as the knowledge to help others. Please use me as a reference if needed. If you are thinking about one of the tours with City Sessions, just go for it, there is no time like now!!

Miriam 07/21/2018 Private tour

Incredible Experience!

As I was researching cannabis tours in Denver, I found there was a quite a variety of tours. I was looking for something more personalized and in-depth than one of the large bus tours. Goldie arranged a customized experience for me that was incredible!
During our first telephone call Goldie asked me what type of information and experience that I would enjoy and also what I would like to learn. She even asked me what type of music I enjoy. She setup a personal tour with me that included an informative overview at the City Sessions lounge of all things cannabis, an amazing in-depth tour of a grow house, a personalized visit to a dispensary, a visit to a high end glass pipe business, and then a great tour of downtown Denver.
Goldie picked me up at my hotel and during our drive around Denver I listened to a playlist of music of my favorite music. Talk about customer service! I was as intrigued about the industry and Goldie’s business as the cannabis itself. Goldie is a high energy, extremely knowledgeable cannabis expert. The breadth and depth of her knowledge is simply amazing. Goldie is “The Knower” about all things cannabis. She is an innovative intelligent business entrepreneur. Goldie is also very entertaining and fun. Her story about City Sessions and how she started this amazing business was so interesting. Having read everything I could find about City Sessions (website, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, etc.) I was somewhat starstruck when I got to meet Goldie. You will be too!
My City Sessions tour with Goldie was one of the best and most unique experiences I’ve ever had. I would and have recommended this personalized tour to family and friends.
Life is short. Go with the best – City Sessions and Goldie!

Bill M. 06/19/2018 Personalized Tour

So Good We Will Do It Again

We took a private tour with Goldie and it was great! We enjoyed learning about all the different facets of Cannabis. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of the cannabis industry. We plan on taking another trip out to Denver and we will definitely be calling Goldie for another tour. It was money well spent!

Gaylord and Jill Aker 5-18-18 Tour of the Senses

DSC07658 50x50

Can’t say enough about our Tour

I truly can’t say enough about our experience on a private tour with Goldie. I took my husband on a tour as a surprise birthday present; we are both in our 60’s and from Minnesota. We learned so much. Goldie knows so much about cannabis and all it’s different forms and uses. We had ample chance to sample everything. Our dispensary tour was awesome. Again, everyone we encountered had nothing but high praise for Goldie. Everyone we encountered was so passionate about their love of cannabis. Goldie does drive like a pro through the busy streets of Denver, and it is clear that she loves what she does and where she lives. We never felt rushed with her, and she spent a ton of time with us. It was money well spent. We will definitely go back to Denver soon, and we will definitely go on another tour with Goldie.

Jean 5/12/2018 Private Tour

Awesome Tour

I recently took the industry insider tour with Sarah and I was very happy with the tour.

Sarah was very friendly and very knowledgeable about the industry. The tour was informative, and city sessions were able to tailor the tour based on my expectations. It may have been a bit more expensive that some of the other tours online but worth every penny. The one on one interaction and being able to go at your own pace and not the pace of a group was a plus and the convenience of being picked up and dropped off at my hotel made the day extra relaxing. I’d definitely book with City Sessions again.

Khalid O. 04/12/2018 Industry Insider

Second Time – Even Better!

What a great experience! My family and I went on a 4.5 Hour Private Tour with Goldie and had such a great time. We checked out The Herbal Cure’s grow and their dispensary and it was amazing. We also took a ride up to Red Rocks Amphitheater and Lookout Mountain. It really was a great way to spend a day seeing Denver and learning about cannabis culture! This was my second time touring with City Sessions and I can’t wait to make another trip out to Denver for my third!

Robert M 3/23/2018 VIP Full Day

Industry Insider

I had an amazing tour with Sarah and City Sessions. They take you through the entire process of seed to sale, and make sure you have everything you need during your tour. Sarah was extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions, from operations to finances to the best places to eat in Denver. I highly recommend this tour for anyone who is looking to get into the cannabis industry or is just looking for a fun and knowledgeable day.

Joe DiNardi 3/14/2018 Industry Insider

Great Day

My wife and I spent the day with Goldie visiting a variety of dispensaries and cultivation facilities in the Denver area. She was extremely patient, professional, and informative throughout the entire tour. We learned more than I could have imagined! I would highly recommend City Sessions for anyone interested in an in-depth perspective of the up and coming industry.

Rocky 2/5/2018 Industry Insider


Goldie is an amazing person and guide! Her passion and knowledge in the industry is inspiring! She customized my tour based on my needs. I learned so much in just a single day. It’s a rare find to get up close and personal the companies that City Sessions is affiliated with. So if you want to see the industry up close and meet amazing people along the way, book a tour with City Sessions!

Karen 1/29/2018 Insiders

Absolutely Fantastic

Having a spare day in a business trip to the US, I decided to spend 24 hours in Denver to see and experience first hand the cannabis market.

I did lots of research as to whether to go on a tour and with whom, and City Sessions, whilst not the cheapest, seemed to me the most professional and comprehensive on the market.

What can I say? It was worth every cent! From the initial enquiry and the phone conversation with Goldie, I already knew I’d made the right choice.

The tour itself was with Sarah, who is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She picked me up from the airport, and we went to a grow facility. Seeing the grow rooms, at such a scale was incredible.

We then went to a dispensary, and bought a few goodies. Unfortunately, I was only going to be in Denver for one night, so I couldn’t buy everything I would have wanted.

We then had a dab session at the City Sessions lounge where I met Goldie, who is just as nice in person as she was on the phone. The dab session with Sarah was incredible; whilst I have experience with flower, I have never used concentrates.

We then went to a concentrate laboratory, which was also wonderful, and then back to the lounge for another dab session, and then Sarah took me back to the hotel, where I remained in the room trying out everything I’d bought, until Sarah picked me up to take me back to the airport.

My only regret was that I couldn’t stay longer, and will try to plan a longer trip next time.

Sarah; keep up the good work.

Andy 11/29/2017 Exploring Concentrates

Personal Cannabis Tour

We were coming to Denver in October to see Bob Dylan and we wanted to check out the cannabis culture in Colorado. We looked at some of the cannabis tour reviews and City Sessions seemed to be the obvious choice. We made our tour arrangements with Sarah, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with her response to our questions and any requests we had. The fun began when Goldie, the owner of City Sessions/our million dollar tour guide into the world of cannabis, picked us up at the airport and had everything we needed to enjoy the mile-high city. The second day Goldie took us on a tour of a grow facility that brought tears to our eyes. Make sure you get the dab etiquette session if the idea of a woman with a blow torch appeals to you. After this she took us up in the mountains to Red Rocks and we watched the sun set. On the third day we went drove up to the Continental Divide at the Loveland Pass. We’re calling it our stoned soul weekend with Goldie.

Goldie was an amazing tour guide. She was very welcoming and possessed an incredible amount of knowledge about cannabis, the city of Denver, music, and she is an excellent driver on the busy streets of Denver. We had a great experience with her. It was worth every penny we spent and more! If you are looking for a cannabis tour you will talk about every day for the next month, this is the one!

Susan and Steve Klein
November 26, 2017

Susan and Steve Klein 10/20/17 Mile High Sightseeing

Best Tour Ever

This was a phenomenal tour. Matthew was my guide and he was knowledgeable, professional, and respectful. He answered all my questions. Going by myself I was a little nervous but Matthew put me at ease and I had the best experience ever. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who would like to educate themselves and enjoy the best Denver had to offer. Well done City Sessions. Well Done.

Dawn 10/25/17 Personal VIP tour

Fantastic Experience!!!

Thanks for a fantastic tour! My sister and I had an great time. Our personal guide Matthew was extremely knowledgeable and tremendously thoughtful. We really enjoyed how the experience was tailored specifically to our needs. Our expereince more than exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for a unique cannabis experience in the Mile High City!

JR 10/14/17 Tour of the Senses

Amazing Experience

My fiance and I visited Denver for my birthday and it was my first time to Denver. The number one thing I wanted to do was a cannabis tour, so I booked for our first morning in Denver and it was an amazing experience. I highly (ha!) recommend it to anyone. Matthew was our tour guide and he was very friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. He took us to two awesome dispensaries and educated us before and during our stops. I learned so much and I find it all very fascinating. This was an excellent way to see Denver AND to learn about the cannabis industry. We visited a great market (I cant’ remember what it’s called but I had some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had), and the arts district, which is stunning. We truly enjoyed our time with Matthew and all the wonderful people we met along the way. It was enjoyable and educational and I think it’s a MUST when visiting Denver. I plan to visit Denver again soon and I’ll take another tour with City Sessions!

Tracey 09/30/2017 Tour of the Senses

Cruise Critic 2 50x50

Educational perfect tour with Goldie

For my 60th birthday my husband and I wanted to do something unique, special and educational. Narrowed it down to a Colorado cannabis experience. We spent several weeks looking at tours, operators and emailing different guides. Goldie had everything (and more!) than we even knew we wanted. We were not disappointed! She’s excellent at communication, asked me detailed questions on what I wanted to learn, wanted to see, even what music we prefer. She had samples in the backseat of her car ready for us to try and explained the pros and cons of each carrier. She took us to an amazing grow facility, we learned so much about the product, the health benefits of cannabis, the industry. She also took us to several medical facilities. Goldie has an amazing ability of organization, and attention to detail. A+++ Also you can see the respect the industry has for her, their eyes light up when she enters the building. We travel a great deal around the world and this is one of our top private tours EVER. Thank you Goldie!

Jill Miller 04/09/17 Private cannabis tour

Chief Operating Officer

Goldie’s knowledge on the Cannabis industry is spot on. She knows the market, she knows the trends. Her tour has been the most insightful to me for newbies and industry leaders.

Keane Tsu 7/27/2017 Private Cannabis Industry tour

Sr. Director, Business Development

Goldie is such an amazing and knowledgeable person in the industry. City Sessions Tours is truly a great way to get a full well-rounded introduction into the latest in the cannabis industry!

Damon Michaels 6/24/17 Boutique Bus Tour

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Goldie’s Dank Tours

City Sessions was an amazing tour experience.

We loved it so much! Goldie was Incredibly knowledgeable about the cannabis industry.

The Tour of the Local Denver grow and Bud culture experience offered at City Sessions was so legit!

Thank’s to the Dank employees, we were able to book our session at a time to meet industry pro’s, on the City sessions tour…offering amazing samples and new product testing sessions to the tour.

Thanks City Sessions for the memory’s!


Shawn K Bryson 6/24/2017 Boutique Bus Tour

Worth Every Penny

I’m almost at a loss of words for just how amazing our tour was. The grow was absolutely legitimate, not some window you look through with of couple plants, it was every stage of the plants life as promised. That is one thing they do, is keep their promises. They said plants up close and personal, we have pictures in a forest of bud. They said talk to professionals, we talked to the manager and master grower about feeding cycles. The dispensaries were knowledgeable and high quality, the budtenders were passionate about their products and friendly. Every promise kept. Our guide was Matt, and no offense to any other guide as I haven’t taken their tour, but he was the absolute best! I highly recommend him, especially if you are looking for someone incredibly knowledgeable about the cannabis plant and industry. He was also just an extremely cool guy who finds this amazing balance of feeling naturally friendly while also maintaining an incredibly professional feel. I also loved the cannabar experience. It was the perfect cherry on an amazing tour. We loved it so much that if we go back, we are doing another! Absolutely worth every penny.

Melissa and Derek 5/19/2017 Industry Insider


What an incredible experience and I cannot recommend Goldie and City Sessions enough.

Goldie and all her associates are true Ambassadors for the industry. Goldie provides a professionally fun, informative and educational experience for all levels of participation.

As two over 50 year olds who were interested in the advancements over the last 30 years and the history of the movement toward legalization, Goldie and City Sessions was the perfect choice for us.

Thank you so much Goldie for a great day on our 29th wedding anniversary.

Mark and Chris

Mark and Chris 05/27/17 canabis tour

The best of the best!

So this was my 3rd tour with Goldie and every visit gets better and better. I am always excited to bring my friends to meet her. She is very much a “Knower”. She is also a great friend, and always makes my trip AAAMAZING!

Elisha 4/22/16 Elisha

Awesome session

Wonderful non stop enlightenment. Friendly and a real sense of fellowship. Wish it did not have to end. Thanks Goldie for a wonderful experience. 420 life forever. Peace

Thomas Brown 04/21/2017 Boutique cannabis tour

An experience I’ll never forget!

Last year I went on a cannabis industry tour with Sarah and it was amazing! When I saw that City Sessions was having a 4/20 group consumption tour, I was in! This was an experience I could never get in my state. We drove around the city in an awesome stretch limo bus, listening to music, consuming and chatting. I met people of all ages from all over the US. There were casual smokers all the way to serious stoners. We learned so much from the cannabis tour! I was glad we could ask as many questions as we wanted and could take pictures.
We watched a professional glass blower make a bowl right in front of us. It was very impressive. We also stopped at a glass gallery with several unique and expensive pieces.
Goldie was a great guide! She was knowledgeable, helpful and fun. I would definitely do this again. It was well worth the money. A big thank you to everyone at City Sessions!

Christina 4/21/2017 4/20 Group Consumption Tour

Look no further

Remarkable people doing a great service to those already in the cannabis industry as well as those who are not. The best in town.

Brian 04/18/2017 Extracts


WOW!!!! Goldie, you rock! Trip of a lifetime that I will never forget, nor will anyone else in the group. There is not a shred of doubt I will be seeing you again with another group. Thank you so much for making the day special!

Patrick C 3/12/2017 Full Tour

IMG 20170228 104106 50x50


We booked a short tour during a layover in Denver. City Sessions modified our tour to fit our needs, which we greatly appreciated. Our guide, Sarah was very nice and super informative and knowledgeable. We learned a lot, got to see the inner workings of a dispensary, and had our minds blown by smells and a variety of strains and product types available. The city of Denver was also beautiful, after the tour we took a 2.5 mile stroll through downtown. The pricing of the tour was fair, I would strongly recommend this tour for anyone who has never been to a legalized state, or is just stopping by for a few hours like we were. Shout out to Sarah Foss for making our trip unforgettable!

Brett & Keilah 2/28/2017 Modified Airport Pickup

THE Experience

Sarah and City Sessions made our trip to Denver to learn about the cannabis industry more like a VIP Experience. We toured and saw everything we wanted to, in style. The condo made available for our stay was fantastic, both in location and quality. Sarah was a most gracious and knowledgeable host, who answered all of our questions and made the tour very fun. Anyone wanting an in-depth look at the Denver cannabis industry should definitely book through City Sessions. Outstanding, and thank you!

Mark 1/26/2017 Cannabis Industry Tour

Great Industry Tour

Goldie was great in providing this very informative insider’s tour of the industry, tailored to our investment perspective. Plus, it was great fun! Wholeheartedly recommend Goldie and City Sessions for a cannabis related tour when in Denver. Thanks again!

Bill 20-Jan-17 Industry Insider Tour

Cannabis Industry Tour

Tour was really great. Sarah is a very knowledgeable and super fun tour guide. Our tour of the grow, extraction and retail locations was really fascinating and informative – and a really fun way to spend a day in Denver!

Liz 12/8/2016 Cannabis Industry Tour

Fantastic Tour

I went on a Medical Relief (and newbie combined) tour with Sarah in November, 2016 and it was great !! Sarah knew just want I needed to see and know and gave me great suggestions. I was alone so it was one-on-one service and I can’t say enough good things about it. The places she took me were top quality and the budtenders she introduced me to really knew their stuff and were extremely helpful. She went out of her way on everything for me and made sure I had her number in case I had any questions or needed to talk to her about anything the rest of my time there. That is truly going above and beyond. I must add that all the positive things people have said about Voodoo Donuts don’t even come close to reality – YUM is right !!! I will certainly be booking with City Sessions on my next trip to Denver. I highly recommend you do the same.

Sandy 11/10/2016 Medical Relief

Awesome tour!

We had a 14 person group for a bachelor party and this was a great way to spend a Saturday. Goldie was a rockstar in getting everything setup for us and worked with me to craft a specialized private tour based on exactly the kind of trip we wanted to have. The bus arrived right on time and had more than enough space for all of us to spread out and relax. Sarah was a fantastic tour guide and was able to answer every single question we had with accuracy and professionalism. She definitely turns the pothead stereotype on its head. The bus came fully stocked with water, beer, liquor, and candy and Sarah even supplied more than enough samples for our group. Even though some guys in the group were more knowledgeable about the industry than others, the tours were incredibly interesting for everyone. If you’re looking for a tour to explore this industry in CO, then this is absolutely the way to go.

Mr K 11/5/2016 Private/Custom Tour

Essential Part of Denver

The CitySessions team of Sarah and Goldie were amazing. A special shout out to DANK in Denver, standout hospitality there. A must stop for all your Denver needs. Booking a tour with them is an essential part of any trip to Denver. Sarah was an amazing guide. She answered all our questions with such a great zest. You can really tell she loves the city of Denver. She even answered all our dumb questions. Believe you and me, we had a lot of them. Book them and you won’t regret it.

Darren 7-Oct-16 Mile High Sightseeing Tour

Great TIme

Our group of four had a great time with Sara. She is very knowledgeable about the industry and the city. We learned a lot, had all of our questions answered, and met some interesting and passionate people. It was great to see a side of the industry that really cares and takes pride in their work. You can tell City Sessions collaborates only with high-quality establishments, and it made a great impression on all of us. Thanks Sara and Goldie for running this service. Would recommend and would be a patron again!

Tony 9/30/2016 Cannaseur Tour

Excellent experience

Excellent experience. A necessary step in understanding the cannabis business. Sarah is a very knowledgeable tour guide and it shows that she likes what she does. Thanks for everything.

Jose 9/27/2016 Cannabis Industry Tour

Denver’s Best Kept Secret!

If you’re new to marijuana shopping (legally) then Goldie from City Sessions is a perfect fit! We got off the plane and into her luxury vehicle with snacks and water. She was very thorough about the laws, different kinds of plants and what we were looking for! She made sure we had a great first day in Denver! Totally worth the price. Thank you Goldie!!!!

Alice Sept. 6, 2016 Dispensaries and Sight Seeing

Private Tour

The whole experience was excellent.

I chose City Sessions over the other options because of the quick and professional nature of their responses. City Sessions is a smaller company compared to some of the others, which is another reason I chose them. They were extremely helpful and personable.

I took my mom, dad, and partner on the trip and we all had an wonderful experience. We were able to tailor the trip to our preferences with Goldies help, and Sarah did not disappoint.

We wanted to learn about Colorado’s industry, sightsee, and grab some food/beer afterward. The sights were beautiful, the knowledge Sarah had to offer was phenomenal, and the food at the end was the perfect ending. Sarah made sure we were comfortable and perfectly baked the whole ride.

Definitely something we will always remember. Thank you!

Danielle 4-Sep-16 Sightseeing

Snapchat 1582604734572889712 50x50

The Best High of My Life!!

I honestly had the most fun ever! Sarah was awesome and very very knowledgeable. Both Goldie and Sarah were so helpful to work with from the booking of my tour until the end! I smoked some of the best wax and weed on the tour alone! I will definitely be taking another tour with them very soon. Thanks so much to both Sarah and Goldie!

Ashley Williamson Sept. 4, 2016 City Sessions Tour

An Excellent Experience

We had a wonderful time while learning all about the industry with Sarah, she knows her stuff. Highly recommended if you want the VIP treatment by the industry.

Guillermo y Juan 08/31 - 09/01 Custom 2 day Tour

The Magic Behind the Cannabis Industry

I was introduced to Goldie and City Sessions to get a primer on the industry and insight on one particular aspect of the cannabis industry. Not only did she tailor a 3+ hour tour to my needs, but also introduced me to some amazingly helpful people in the industry. I wanted an education and I came away with so much more…feeling like I am part of a community. Goldie’s industry and cannabis knowledge coupled with her professionalism is frankly unbeatable.

Lisa 8/25/2016 Industry Tour

First Class Tour

Goldie provided the tour I was looking for. My daughter and I learned about the growth, harvesting, various preparation techniques, and the many products of cannabis and cannabis-infused items on the market. Goldie was informative and knowledgeable as she catered to our interests and desires. Great tour that I would highly recommend. Goldie loves what she does and it shows.

H. H. 3-Aug-16 Private Tour

Best way to experience Denver!

What a great way to experience Denver! On our first trip to the city we received the royal treatment. Goldie engaged us in meaningful discussions about her industry and introduced us to her world. Everything about our tour was awesome and I recommend you check out City Sessions next time you’re in Denver.

Joyce 31-Jul Food Tour

Amazing Tour!

We were a group of 8 guys who came to town for a bachelor party – I can’t recommend this tour enough. Sarah was our tour guide for the afternoon and she was fantastic! Super friendly, incredibly knowledge and totally fun to spend the trip with. She personally picked us up at the house (bringing a surprise bag of goodies for the tour), took us to a commercial grow facility, a retail dispensary, Red Rocks Amphitheater and a local brewery. Great time. Definitely recommmend.

Neil 7/8/2016 City Sessions Tour

Denver in style!

I wish there was more than 5 stars! Goldie was our tour guide, she treated us like rock stars from the moment she picked us up! She was able to answer every question we had, made us feel like there were no dumb questions, and elaborated on everything we were interested in. The places she chose to take us were warm and welcoming and everyone and everything just seemed like old friends hanging out. I can not wait to return and take another tour.

CarSeg 6/25/2016 Private

Practical Knowledge

We booked a private tour of a grow facility and CO2 extraction facility. Every objective that we outlined to Goldie and Sarah regarding what we wanted to see was met. The teams they introduced us to were very generous with their time and information, and we certainly learnt a lot on the way. Sarah was exceptionally knowledgeable about the industry and was a great host. Thanks for making our requests a reality (and introducing us to Voodoo doughnuts – yum!).

Davina 24-Jun-16 Custom Tour

Great tour, would highly recommend!

This was a highly informative and interesting tour. Goldie and her team are highly professional and have a remarkable depth of knowledge into this unique (and growing) industry. They could easily perform the tour of all of the facilities by themselves, but they instead provided us with a nice balance of history, industry trends and “guest” tour guides at each of the facilities. Definitely one of the most unique tours I’ve ever been on.

Jeff 21-Jun-16 Cannabis Tour

IMAG0876 50x50


After an evening of Steely Dan and Steve Winwood at RedRocks (where we experienced storms, torrential rain and hail), we were picked up at our hotel the next day by Goldie who was driving a sweet Q60 Infinity. Our half day private tour started the minute we got into the vehicle. We were offered a selection of samples. Goldie was very knowledgeable and provided us with a wealth of information. Our first stop was Dank Dispensary for a tour of their operation. We told Goldie she would hear a lot of WOWs out of us and we were WOW’d to the max! The entire crew at Dank was professional and personable. We were guided from clone to harvest, along with a very impressive store. The entire staff took the time to get to know us, answer questions, and we took lots of pictures! If there is ‘smell-a-vision’ it would make it easier to explain as the aroma was heavenly. After more samples, we arrived at Pure for a CO2 extraction tour. Again, another WOW! Vincent and his staff have it going on, along with another really great store. Goldie took us to City Park in downtown Denver which offered a variety of food trucks. We checked out a few more stores and enjoyed more fine Colorado flower on our way back to our hotel. Goldie was an excellent guide and her business is very professional. We walked away feeling we had made new friends in Denver. We will and have been recommending City Sessions tour to anyone coming to Denver. Goldie left us with an everlasting experience and memory. She provided us with one of our #1 top experiences in our lifetime! She dropped us off with a gift bag which we were able to enjoy the rest of our trip. Thank you.

Ron & Roxie 14-Jun-16 Goldie

Fascinating and safe

I’m a 55 year old suburban mom from North Carolina so you can understand that I was outside of my comfort zone here. That’s why I want to emphasized how great this tour was. We were a group of three – me, my husband who is a physician, and my 22 year old daughter. (I know you might think it irresponsible that we took our barely legal daughter but the world is changing – you can either stay ignorant which puts you in danger or you can be the most informed of the group. We choose knowledge. So … ). We were picked up in a high-end comfortable SUV. Goldie provided a wealth of medical, legal, and chemical information to keep my husband completely engaged, she talked to my daughter appropriately and respectfully but also as a peer, and she was patient with me – I felt completely safe and in good hands. In between the cannabis focused activities, she drove us through the beautiful Denver neighborhoods, pointed out the the sights – answering every question with enthusiasm and intelligence. This young woman is smart. I can’t say enough nice things about Goldie and this tour and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Melanie 6/13/2016 Cannabis tour

Custom Tour

We had a blast with Goldie on our custom tour. She was knowledgeable, accommodating and professional. The dispensary tour was so interesting and eye opening! A great introduction to the industry.

Corrie 6/12/2016 Custom Tour

Awesome experience

Sarah was a very upbeat, enthusiastic and very sweet guide throughout this entire experience. We couldn’t have asked for or imagined better. Would we do this again? Absolutely.

HappyTravelers 21-May-16 Concentrate Tour

Hospitality High

Our guide picked us up and we rode in style with Sarah at the wheel. The grow was impressive and we got an insiders perspective. The budtenders were real pros and the dispensaries were top notch. Most of all our guide was a natural and excited to be there. She knew more about cannabis than the rest of us combined. City Sessions does it right.

The Keul 5/18/2016 Sarah's Half Day

We had a great time exploring Denver!

Goldie gave my mother and I such a great tour of Denver! We were picked up from our hotel in a comfortable vehicle and right off the bat Goldie gave us an awesome gift bag. I’m a habitual cannabis consumer while my mother has not consumed in years. Goldie made us both very comfortable on our tour around Denver.

We visited a large grow where Denver Relief houses many beautiful plants. We were given a tour by a few guys working over the weekend. Both were extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. I was thrilled to learn so much in such a short amount of time.

After we visited the grow house we made our way over to Denver Relief’s dispensary where I had a great bud-tender. The service was great and everyone was very friendly. I got to smell a few different strains and went with the Gumbo, a sweet smelling Indica. Then we went to a gas station to get some munchies before heading out to Red Rocks Amphitheater. There was a concert planned for that night and the tailgating had already begun so we just drive around and got to take in the views.

Overall my mother and I had a great time and really enjoyed everything we saw and learned. Goldie was a great host and a very knowledgable tour guide. The Mile HIGH Sightseeing Tour was a great way for us to kickoff our weekend in Denver! I can’t wait to visit Denver again and I’ll be sure to give Goldie a call and stop by Denver Relief again!

OldBob 14-May-16 Mile HIGH Sightseeing Tour

Fantastic Tour, absolutely would recommend!

What a fantastic tour, so glad we did it! Our group absolutely loved it – Sarah was a tremendous tour guide from the get go, she was extremely communicative and helpful throughout the entire trip, just like having an extra friend in the group who actually knew a thing or two about Denver (nobody in our group of 11 had been to Denver previously). If we come back, we’d do this again in a heartbeat!

James 5/7/2016 Large Group Tour

Fun-filled Excitement Touring with Sarah F.

We arrived in some chilly, cloudy weather, no visible sun. Once we hopped into the limo with Sarah F. We had such a wonderfully, engaging experience with a totally knowledgable, and beautifully articulate, gorgeous brunette to boot. She was both respectful and accommodating. A MUST DO in Denver. Do it with City Sessions, ask for Sarah. She made our trip so memorable from industry to yummy food. We were so happy we did the private limo tour. You won’t regret the experience. It will provide sunshine, even on the cloudiest of days!! Don’t forget: Sarah Foss from City Sessions. She’s such a pro at it all!!! Love that girl.

Bev 29-Apr-16 City Sessions

Can’t Wait to Come Back

This by far was the best part of our Denver trip. Goldie was amazing! She made us feel comfortable, and everything was very easy going. She was very knowledgable and gave us a great run down of the Bud industry! Thank you, Thank you sooo much for making our experience great and memorable! I am already planning my trip back.
City Sessions smelling marijuana flower

Elisha and Joey April 18th, 2015 Marijuana Grow House Tour

Soul Sisters Reunite

We had the best time ever and the tour guide Sarah was just awesome. Everyone should take this tour at least once. My friend is already planing another visit to Denver and another tour. Thank you for an awesome time.

Georgia Soul Sisters

Best Trip Ever

This tour exceeded my already high expectations and was absolutely worth every penny. Goldie is the best ambassador for the State of Colorado and the marijuana industry that you will ever find. If you are looking for an education into the industry from someone who knows it inside and out then City Sessions is definitely your best choice. The tour was very well planned out from the music and snacks, to the product samples. I would absolutely recommend City Sessions to anyone visiting Colorado, and I will be giving them a call anytime that I am passing through. Truly a one of a kind experience.

Justin 3/19/2016


Goldie’s knowledge of the City of Denver and the cannabis industry was incredible, but it was her knowledge and love of the plant itself that made this a truly amazing experience and one that I definitely want to do again. She will customize your experience and lead you to the perfect strain. Thanks Goldie and best of luck!

Matt 2/6/2016 Grow House and More

Image E1509561285880 50x50

Rent a vape!!!

I rented a volcano vape and trust me if your staying in a hotel this is amazing! Some hotels let you vape in the room so that if you want to relax in your room and not have to go up and down elevators to sit in weather to smoke this is the route to go! I got to my hotel and it was waiting at front desk! Service is amazing! The volcano is the top of the line and the taste and smoothness is best on market in my opinion! The ride back to the airport could not have been any better either! Nice conversation, cold water, and ending my vacation on a very High note! Thanks again!!!!!

Ryan 2/5/2016 Airport drop off

Neverland (in a nutshell)

If you are visiting the Denver area, especially if this is your first time, book a tour with Goldie. I booked this tour for my good friend’s bachelor party. Being that none of us had really spent time in Denver before, we were the lost boys and the part of Wendy was played by none other than our tour guide Goldie. She tailored a tour for us that included stops for food (multiple times), party favors (obviously), and even took us up to Red Rocks Amphitheater and helped us film a guerrilla music video. I’ve seen countless feedback about how thorough she is with the passions and freak-outs of her clients. I gotta be honest, when I dropped a decently obscure hip-hop playlist for her to play during the trip, I thought there was no way we would get half the songs I requested. I should have never doubted this pint-sized princess of playlists because she came through huge with the music. Throughout the tour, she dropped all sorts of fun knowledge on us about great spots for food, live music, bud, and general merriment. She’s so damn cool, the next time I’m in the area I’ll probably book a tour just so we can hang out again. Goldie set the tone for what turned out to be, in the bachelor’s words, “The most fun I have ever had on vacation. Ever.”
Thank you so much, Goldie. Our grandchildren will hear stories of your grace and beauty and serene way of being. Cheers!

Kep 1/20/2016 Ronin Batchin'

Flying high

An awesome tour with an awesome knowledgable host. We had an amazing time. Do yourself a favor and book a tour!!!!

SandD Jan-16 Custom

Awesomeness at its best!

Goldie is beyond amazing she made my husbands 30th birthday unforgettable!!!!! So super knowledgeable and personable we enjoyed every second of our tour! Thank you!!!!!

Bricks 1/6/2016

A Cannabis Education

Our tour was fantastic. There are a lot of tours out there but what really matters is the relationship between the tour operator and the locations. Goldie introduced us to some fantastic people and we learned a ton. The only reason that was possible was because of her many tight relationships in the industry. I look forward to doing it again!

Frank Traylor, Terra Health Care Labs December 4th, 2015 Marijuana Industry Tour

luxury city tour

Our experience with City Sessions on the tour was phenomenal. She is super cool, knowledgeable, friendly, and professional! We would highly recommend City Sessions to anyone and suggest the Red Rocks visit – a perfect day! Thank you Goldie!!

Angie Dec-15


We just got home from the most wonderful trip in Denver, a celebration of a bday, wedding anniversary and freedom to smoke at our leisure…thanks to City Sessions.

The whole experience was very comfortable and accommodating and Goldie was awesome, very helpful, punctual, smart. …. Thank you again for the great time, your attention to detail and for showing these 2 Babyboomers how to party in style in 2015!

Everything about the trip was first class from our initial call, which I was hesitant about making because of fear of the unknown, to our drop off at the airport. But the in-between details were the best..Goldie simply asked what we would like our tour to be like, what to see, how did we want to feel when we smoked or ate some favorite things and what kind of tunes would be playing along the way. We saw her shortly after arrival, she picked us up, handed us a goodie bag full of munchies and “other” treats, enjoyed in-route, and gave a tour of downtown area and onto a dispensary, which was absolutely amazing, much more fun than I imagined! Day 2 was the bigger tour – Grow house,.. meeting the care takers was a blast, happiest employees I have ever met!! Onto Redrocks, a bar, Voodoo donuts, neighborhood tours for possible future home. (oh and BTW we gave her one days notice.)

Thanks Goldie for the most memorable tour of denver, thank you for delivering “Fun, Comfort, Knowledge in a first class manner! We felt privileged to be under the tutelage of an experienced Tour Director whom everyone seem to adore and respect.

Happy turkey day, thanks for the pics, the awesome Tornado Vape, and we will see you in 2016.

With kindest Regards and Hugs.

(Members of the over 50 Club)

Elle 11/15/2015 City Sessions

3 Guys, a Girl & a Donut Shop

If you are going to Denver and you need a guide, Goldie is the person to call. Her knowledge of the city and the industry is amazing. She was very professional, very punctual and went over and above our expectations. Goldie was able to customize our tour to meet our specific needs. There was even time at the end of the day to make it out to Red Rocks, which was magical.
If you are going to Denver, book a tour with Goldie. You won’t be disappointed.

City Sessions Denver

Darryl, Dan & Aidon 11/9/2015 Sessions

East Coast Loves City Sessions!

I was out in Denver for a trip to learn more about the industry to get myself better prepared for the inevitable legalization. City Sessions provided everything that the Colorado Cannabis Tour provided but on a more personal scale. Our hostess was knowledgeable, charming, professional, and eager to make our experience the best it possibly could. I WILL be returning for another tour once I am back in the area. THANKS!!

Dylan 11/8/2015 Marijuana Introductory Tour Experience

City Sessions is utter perfection!!

LOVED Goldie! Such as nice, fun person. It was more like having my friend show me around the city instead of a tour guide. She customizes the tours to whatever you want to do and see. I was traveling alone and this tour truly set the the tone for my whole visit in the best way possible. There is no doubt that I will tour with Goldie the next time I am in Denver. City Sessions is utter perfection!!

Erriene K. Birmingham, AL

Cannibis Newbie

Goldie is Wonderful. She is a wealth of information about the new budding industry. She is a people person and while in her care, you are absolutely safe…so get on and get high.

Octane Aries 11/4/2015 Private one on one

A great day out!

Goldie was a really great tour guide, I would not of asked for a better person she made my travel from NC feel like I was at home. Goldie paid special attention to the Cannabis areas that interested me the most; Not only was she knowledgeable about Cannabis but she was knowledgeable on the historical information surrounding Colorado. If your looking for a Cannabis Tour give Goldie a try she is GREAT.

photo (24)

Rashad From NC October 29th, 2015 Marijuana Introductory Tour Experience

An Introduction to The Industry

Great introduction by Goldie my first and only night in Denver. Those dispensaries were perfect! Each had one staff per visitor, and they took their time with me. Goldie also shared some art and architecture. Do it!

Leslie B. Birmingham, AL October 19th, 2015 Marijuana Introductory Tour Experience

My first time in Denver

Goldie picked me up at the scheduled time of 9:00 am. She is very personable and I felt comfortable immediately. She freely answered all my questions and gave me an overview of the law as well as a goodie bag. We then ventured to the dispensary where everything was explained by the attendant and sometimes interpreted by Goldie if I had questions. She is very knowledgeable about the dispensaries and there products and made sure I knew exactly what I was getting. I highly (pun intended) recommend this tour especially if you are in Denver for the first time. Thanks Goldie for the Denver mile high experience! You made it a wonderful day.


Rob from Texas October 17th, 2015 Marijuana Introductory Tour Experience

A Custom Cannabis Experience

I did a lot of research and went with my instincts and hired City Sessions (Goldie) and was on on the money. From the moment she picked us up at the airport to the day she dropped us off, she made our Denver experience amazing. From the perfect music copulation that she created for us to the cannabis tour to Red Rock and Mt Evan it was an experience I will never forget and would recommend. She created the tour I discussed and wanted. We wanted to see Denver, but in our way and Goldie gave us exactly that. Goldie was wonderful and is now a friend. I would Highly recommend City Sessions for your tour of Denver. If you want a unique and specialized tour this is the one to pick!

photo (22)

Manhattan Couple October 15th, 2015 Marijuana Introductory Tour Experience

HIGHlight of our Trip!

Goldie is amazing!!! We went to Colorado as a surprise to my husband for his birthday. Oh my word was he surprised when he found out that were were spending the day with Goldie doing a marijuana tour!!! What an experience! Coming from both my husband who is a regular consumer, and myself who is not a regular consumer–it was truly the highlight of our trip! I have to say, I really learned a lot :-). Goldie is so easy going and so well informed about the industry and city. We went on a tour of a grow house (which was so interesting!)..went to a glass blowing demonstration where my husband got to keep what was made, viewed some city sights, and went to see the red rocks amphitheater. Honestly, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Goldie does a great job of personalizing everything from a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign on the window, to the play list, to the Goody bag! 🙂 We would definitely do this again and recommend to anyone who is curious about what Colorado has to offer.

Holly 10/10/2015 Introductory Tour

Goldie Rules

Susan and I had a blast with Goldie. If you are looking for a professional, Goldie’s the one. She is a true ambassador for Denver and Colorado.

James Dunn 9-Oct-15 Half Day Private Tour

First Time in Denver?

I can’t say enough good things about the tour Goldie prepared for us. I was really impressed by the level of professionalism and insight she was able to give into the changes that the “Green Rush” has brought to Denver. Goldie is charming, thoughtful and very chill. From the great gift bags to the small extras she provided my girlfriend and I were very happy and she left us feeling like we knew more than we did when we started and with big smiles on our faces! Thanks Goldie, you give an awesome tour.

Canadian Girl 31-Aug-15 Grow Op

A Luxury Experience

Wow what a day we had. Thank you to Goldie and all the knowledge that was given today. City sessions is a luxury experience and a benefit to all. Can’t wait to come back to Denver and do it again.
City Sessions Voodoo Doughnuts

Marc K. Greensboro, NC August 25th, 2015 Marijuana Grow House Tour

A Unique Experience

So I wanted to have a unique experience on my vacation to Colorado so I thought I would look up some local tours. I did a lot of research and compared a lot of prices and picked city sessions. Communication was amazing right off the bat. I was expecting something fun and laid back. I got that and so much more. It was all beyond my expectations. My partner was actually just talking about how well Goldie navigated us around the crazy city! I couldn’t even come up with a complaint if I wanted to. I’m from the Midwest and we are very serious about customer service and I give her an A+ the most amazing part was the education I received, from Goldie and Steven at the grow house. Thanks so much to you guys who are bringing awareness to everyone that MJ isn’t this evil awful drug and hopefully are ridding people of the Reefer Madness mentality. You guys are pioneers and get to be literally making history. Good golly it’s so nice to finally be able to leave a POSITIVE review! Ohhh yeah and totally go to Voodoo Donuts! You’ll regret it if you don’t 😉

Cayla R. Wild Rose, WI August 25th, 2015 Marijuana Grow House Tour

Transitioning Into My 420 Weekend

My trip to Denver was amazing! Goldie was definitely one of the highlights. Her knowledge of the cannabis industry was enlightening and helpful. She is very pleasant. I am already planning my next trip to Denver and I will call her again. I will refer her to anyone in need of transportation and/or information regarding the cannabis industry.

Susan from Florida April, 17th 2015 Airport Pickup Experience

Awesome Day

Spent a great day with Goldie. She picked us up at the airport in a fully stocked, black SUV and wisked us off for an afternoon of fun! We did the tour, visited a couple stores so we could be fully stocked for the weekend and took us to Vodoo Donuts for a mid afternoon snack. Highest recommendation, this is the way you start your Denver experience!

Dick and Jane 15-Aug

A Family Affair

Goldie, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour. We did our research for this trip and decided on City Sessions based on your private tours and previous reviews. The main purpose for our trip to Denver was to see what the vast majority of other states are missing out on and see how Colorado is handling this new found source of revenue and personal freedom. You did an excellent job at doing that, and your knowledge of both cannabis and hemp was phenomenal. The trip to the grow house and dispensary added greatly to our education on the subject. The city tour and stop at Voodoo Donut was a very nice touch and the trip out to Red Rocks was the icing on the cake. Our stop for the glassblowing demonstration and watching him make our custom piece was also a very good choice. I could go on and on about how much we enjoyed your tour, but I’ll end by saying that a trip to Colorado is not complete without a cannabis tour and if you’re in Denver a tour with Goldie is a must.

Larry, Myra, Michael, and Jennifer from Alabama and Texas August, 14th 2015 Marijuana Grow House Tour

The Ultimate Mile High Experience!

Goldie is AWESOME, the best guide to Denver that we could have asked for! If you are looking for the ultimate mile high experience, look no further. She showed us all the best places in the city, and where/how to get the best deals on the products we wanted. Goldie made sure that we wanted for nothing while in Denver! Five gazillion stars.

Bryan H. from Orlando, FL July 29th, 2015 Marijuana Grow House Tour

Honeymoon Bliss

OMG, Goldie was AMAZING!!!! She kept close track of our crazy flight delays, stayed in touch about where to go for pick up, she showered us with precious gifts, information, and knowledge!!! She makes you feel like you’re old friends. It was the best start to our honeymoon!!!! Peace, Love, and Blessings

Jenn and Tom W.

A Skeptical Insomniac

I am not one to write reviews, but when you encounter someone who is EXCEPTIONAL, they deserve to be written up & you deserve to know about her. My wife & I have medical issues.
We thought we might find some help in Colorado. I tried booking with two other companies prior to calling Goldie, & they failed to answer the phone or return my call. Goldie answered every email & returned every phone call. However going in, we had low expectations. WOW were we surprised. I will start with , Goldie is very professional. She listened to our needs, educated us, & suggested solutions. She took us to reputable shops, where we had contact with excellent hand picked staff & made sure we received high quality goods. I can honestly say we were blown away. Goldie is so CARING , so easy to connect with & loads of fun. In other words, the total package! You will not be disappointed!

Lylie H. from Texas July 9th, 2015 Medical Marijuana Relief Tour

The Insiders View

This was one of the coolest things I have ever done. Goldie was unbelievable. I cannot wait to return to Denver and do it again. Let her know what you want to see before and she has ready including drinks and snacks. Every place we went we were treated great and everyone knows Goldie. She also is very informative and knows her stuff. Do not pass this up when in Denver.

Scott T. Tallahassee, FL May 14th, 2015 Marijuana Grow House Tour

A Fully Custom Day Tour

I stumbled upon the CitySessions website and emailed Goldie about a fully custom day tour. And that is exactly what we received and more. Goldie was so helpful during and after the tour. We wanted to learn as much as we could about the industry as we plan to move to CO in the near future and either work in the industry or at the least become a part of it. We met all sorts of people and learn so much. She had a goodie bag for us and a bowl ready to go, we did a cooking class which was amazing, we then went to lunch and learn we had similar life aspirations. We went to multiple dispensaries and when I mentioned my wife would like a cool glass piece she made an extra stop for us at the largest glass shop in CO, maybe even in the nation. Highly recommend asking about the glass shop. We wrapped up the tour with a grow house tour and another dispensary and a short drive around the neighborhood of some happening spots and recommendations she pointed out. We followed up with her a couple days later for some suggestions and questions and she was very responsive even though our tour was multiple days prior. Goldie and City Sessions are extremely professional and relaxed, exactly how I like it. I would recommend any of her tours from a short couple hours to a full day you will not be disappointed.
City Sessions Happy Couple

Jacob From Alabama March 24th, 2015 Full Day Cannabis Excursion

From DIA to Winter Park Resort & Back

There is so much that can be said for our time in Denver with Goldie. It was relaxing, informative, fun, and exciting. The personalized service Goldie provided left us feeling cared about from an old friend. Goldie catered to our every wish and made great suggestions (i.e. Metropolis Coffee). We wanted for nothing from the time we landed until she dropped us back off at the end of the week after skiing, she thought of everything. We are fans of City Sessions Denver and Goldie and will book again next time we are in Denver.

City Sessions Colorado

Josh and Jackie March 4th, 2015 Full Day Cannabis Excursion

An Overview Of The Cannabis Industry

Goldie, Your knowledge and personality was refreshing, you made us feel comfortable and most importantly you answered our questions!

Soo Beak from Oregon January, 30th 2015 Marijuana Grow House Tour

Nothing But Laughs

City Sessions were great. Goldie was awesome very helpful and informative. Our driver was Alex she drove us around to all the best spots let us take pictures and keep us laughing. Wish I would have went through City Sessions for everything. Will definitely be using them again.

Arica December 10th, 2014 Marijuana Grow House Tour