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Excellent Experience

By far the coolest and most educational experience we had during our trip to Denver. Goldie has amazing energy, is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and offers an exceptional tour service! I highly recommend City Sessions and the commercial tour + butane extraction facility!

Hailey 9/25/2020 Commercial + Butane extraction facility

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Such an amazing tour

My father and I were in town for the weekend and looking for a cannabis tour. City Sessions did not disappoint. Goldie is an absolute pleasure. Very knowledgeable with such a great personality. Extremely relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Would highly recommend!

Michael Jolly 09/26/2020

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Learning about the Benefits of Cannabis/CBD

Goldie is a very good teacher who provided my wife and I with tons of information regarding the benefits of cannabis. She brought us to the Dank dispensary which was such an eye opening experience-pointing out how much science goes into the production of cannabis. Lastly Goldie gave us a fantastic tour of the Mile High City and a great local lunch stop. OVERALL IT WAS TERRIFIC!

Roy Gibson 09/09/2020 Half Day

Bachelor party

Goldie is honestly the best tour guide/host of all time. Starting off a bachelor party weekend with Goldie made the entire trip worth it.

Jordan Scott 9/11/2020 City Sessions Tour

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The best way to kick off your trip

What an incredible educational experience with Goldie. Top notch customer service! The one on one personalized tour was an amazing start to our Colorado vacation. This is a MUST DO for a personal , up close, and educational experience about the industry and products. Highly recommended to any person who wants to learn and have an incredible experience. I will planning a trip back to the area with another session with Goldie.

Alysia Bullock 08/26/2020 1/2 day tour

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

I booked a private cannibis tour with Goldie for myself, fiance, and his good friends during our recent Colorado vacation. I am not a connoisseur of cannibis, as are the others in my group. However, I was pleasantly surprised how much Fun & Educational our tour was. What was meant to be an Highlight for the others, turned out to be one for myself as well. I would highly recommend to book a tour with Goldie Solodar. Perfect for Novice to Connoisseurs. Goldie was Amazing!

Stacy Menzie Aug. 4, 2020 Private Tour with Goldie




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Bachelor Party

So this tour totally started differently than we expected due to covid we had to change hotels but Goldie worked with us and showed up and ready to have a good time. This tour was very eye opening just seeing the process of how it grows, cures, then made into concentrat. We then went to red rock and had a blast, the whole time we were laughing and having a good time and Goldie made sure of it. Thank for the awesome time

Raymond Montoya 6/27/20 Fun tour

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Amazing Tour!

My wife and I took the industry insiders tour with Goldie and we absolutely cannot say enough good things about this experience. Goldie is not only smart, personable and thoughtful but also very involved and up to date with all the regulations around the industry both inside and outside of Colorado. We learned everything we wanted to about the industry and more on our tour. Next time we are in Denver and want a fun and professional tour service we will most definitely be using City Sessions Denver!

Cameron Holsinger 02/08/2020 Industry Insiders Tour

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Excellent experience

Everything about this company is 5 stars. When I first called to inquire, they were professional, patient and very helpful. Goldie not only helped book our tour to match our group’s needs, but also gave recommendations for other activities during our time in Denver.

CJ 10/26/19

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Excellent Experience at New Location!

The City Sessions Cannabis Education tour was the highlight of our visit to Denver! We met Clayton at their new location in the River North Arts District, a really cool area. They had just moved from Uptown, so were still getting organized, but the new office is really comfortable. My buddy was very interested in the details of growing, so he and Clayton spent a lot of time on that, after of course sampling a bit of the wares! Very mellow hour learning about the cannabis industry in Colorado and the details of growing. We then took a ride in their well-equipped and very comfortable SUV to Dank’s growing facility and dispensary. Their usual tour guide wasn’t available so Clayton took over, not missing a beat! He is very knowledgeable, very well spoken, and a great tour guide. The tour takes you from seed to harvest and was fascinating! You then go to their dispensary and take advantage of a nice discount on the wares.
Note that these tours are private – just us with Clayton. The photos on their website lead you to believe that you’ll be in a group, but it is very personal, just your party and the guide.
We met the founder, Goldie, at the new office and she is really sharp and friendly as well. All-in-all, an excellent experience. The high ratings are well-deserved and the experience is well worth the price. Highly recommend!
Thanks Goldie, Clayton, City Sessions, and the crew at Dank!

Clayton & Jeff 10/8/2019 Cannabis Education

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Epic Excursion

Hi Goldie,

Thank you for a phenomenal experience as it not only broadened our knowledge of Cannabis and the industry but the quality of life that Denver and the region has to offer. We’ll definitely leverage what we’ve learned and have already planned to return.


Albert & Nena

Albert & Nena September 21, 2019 Half Day Discovery

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Goldie and Clayton over-delivered on my expectations. Not only did I walk away with a better understanding of the overall cannabis industry, but also an insiders perspective on the cannabis legal and regulatory structure, issues and opportunities. The one-to-one time with Clayton was phenomenal as he is well-versed on the history as well as current political situation. I was pleasantly surprised by his in-depth industry knowledge. I will go back on another tour to get even more insights when I am back to Denver. THANK YOU City Sessions!

Sharon August 9th Industry Tour

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Excellent tour that was very educational & fun

Awesome tour that brought us into a growery where we could see how each stage of the plant is treated & grown. We also spent a lot of time in a usage-friendly vehicle between dispensaries or shops which included a really yummy lunch at this nearby sandwich shop. Both Goldie & Clayton treated my group with excellent hospitality and were both very fun to hang out with as well. I actually went on a second marijuana tour here in Denver that I had planned before City Sessions made its way into my itinerary, and it was honestly not anywhere as special. This city sessions tour was awesome.

Michael Wolcott 8-8-19 City sessions dispensary & growery tour

hand touching a cannabis plant

Great experience

My friend and I had a private 3 hr tour with an emphasis on learning about medical marijuana use. Clayton was fabulous- made us feel very comfortable to ask questions and very knowledgeable. The tour with Jeremy at DANK was so cool! Could tell he was very passionate about his work. Even the sales person at the DANK dispensary was super nice and patient with us, as people who don’t know much about cannabis. I am already telling friends, who now want me to go again and take them next time!

Rachael 7/19/19 Medical marijuana

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Medical Education Session

I attended a Medical consultation/education, grow house and dispensary tour with Goldie. It was an outstanding experience. Goldie has a wealth of knowledge about cannabis and the medicinal benefits of the plant. I don’t think I could have obtained this much knowledge in such a short amount of time anywhere else. I truly think that her knowledge of the various products and dosing will help my family with pain management. I very highly recommend that anyone using or wishing to use cannabis as medicine attend this tour with Goldie.

Mark 06/29/2019 Medical

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Outstanding experience

My husband & I came to Denver for my 50th birthday. My Dad & my stepmom planned for my husband & I to go on 2 tours with City Sessions. Clayton was are tour guide. Let me tell you he should be the ambassador of the Denver area! He showed us many interesting things. Not only with the cannabis industry, which he is very knowledgeable with.(my husband kept saying I though I knew something…) There were so many things we wouldn’t of seen if it wasn’t for him. He’s a really fun guy & made us feel like we were old friends. City Sessions tours are fantastic & I would highly recommended anyone to go on there tours, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED! Clayton went above & beyond to make sure we had a great time.
Thank You Very much,
Ed & Terri

Ed & Terri 06/20/19-06/21/19 Private custome tour

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Hope for the Future

My initial call was answered by Clayton, who make me feel very comfortable as he answered my questions and explained the tour to me. Expecting Clayton I was surprised that Goldie was our tour guide. My problem is lack of sleep, Goldie explained all about THC, CBD, CBN and how they interact. The tour at DANK, which showed the entire lifecycle of the plant was extremely fun and enlightening. Now home I will be trying different combinations until I find the right one to afford me the sleep I deserve. I know that I have a trusted friend who I can always call to advise me how to proceed – THANKS GOLDIE!
With great affection,
Carl H.

Carl 05/22/19 Medical tour

Highly Informative!

Goldie was amazing, passionate and had a wealth of information on the industry. She generally knew as much and often times more than the facility guides. Her feedback on the industries history and future was very helpful to us. I imagine great things for City Sessions and Goldie in the future. All the best!

Cory Powell May 26/19 Investor

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Highlight of trip to Denver

Goldie was beyond helpful and accommodating to us, was knowledgable enough to answer all of our questions and then some, and we were very comfortable the entire tour. I’d highly recommend the tour to anyone seeking more information about the cannibas industry and trying something new, or just visiting Denver.

Ann 05/11/2019 Cannibas Education Tour

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Worth Every Penny

I had a great time on my Tour of the senses. My tour guide was Clayton and together we perused several of the cannabis industry developments that Denver had to offer. Clayton was easily able to answer my questions about the legal framework in Colorado, the life-cycle of the cannabis plant, and even potential places to move to in Denver. His answers are backed by his years of experience in the industry as well as a clear passion for the plant. There is nobody you would rather have with you on a Dispensary-crawl. My favorite part of the adventure was touring the ‘Dank’ grow facility. We met with an esteemed grower and were shown the many rooms that contained cannabis at varying stages of development. It was crazy and it smelled like heaven.

Sean R. 3/12/19 Tour of the Senses

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Best thing we did in Denver

My husband and I were in Denver visiting some friends. My sister had told me about city sessions and she insisted I had to do it. I looked into it and the price made me a little uncomfortable, but yolo so I decided to splurge. Hands down! the best thing we did in Denver and possibly Colorado. We planned our own tour with a dispensary tour (OMG!!!) and visits to Red Rock, Pike’s Peak and then to a glass blowing demo. When I booked, Goldie called me and asked all the right questions to find out about us and what we like. We had soooooo much fun with Goldie and her trainee (forgive me I don’t remember her name, but she was awesome as well). We felt like we were old friends. After the tour we realized we left our gift bag in the SUV. We called Goldie and made a plan to stop by on our way somewhere and she surprised us with an impromptu dab session and we just had such a great time. The trip was fantastic and money very well spent. Or glass piece did end up breaking when we got home, but we let Goldie know and she sent us a new piece from the same guy. Excellent customer service! I meant to write this review some time ago, but you know how life is, however, city sessions made such an impression on my husband and me that I just had to write them a review. If you’re new to the industry, this would be and excellent and anxiety-free way of learning all you need to know to have a good time. I’ve recommended it to many and those that have tried it have loved it.

H May 2018 Personalized tour

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Great Time in the Mile HIGH City

Fantastic tour. Goldie and Clayton are both super professional. Clayton was our guide and the guy is extremely knowledgeable and super chill. Great guy to hang with and enjoy bud together. Can’t inagine anyone complaining about this tour. Definitely worth it!

Daniel 3/8/19 Tour of the Senses

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Great education!!!

Clayton was great…….extremely knowledgeable and a likable young guy to hang around with. My wife and I had a great time!

Ken 11/7/18 New to Cannabis

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Best Private Tour Hands Down!

Goldie is hands down the best tour guide! We took a 4.5 hour tour and were learning something new every minute of the trip! Goldie had an informed and quick answer for absolutely everything! We loved the beautiful sights of Red Rocks, the dispensary tour was so neat. We had never been to Denver before and getting to see so many of the sights was amazing. The whole experience was money well spent!!!

S.H. 10/20/2018 Tour of the Senses

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Great Tour

Clayton and City Sessions provided a super fun, informational, and educational tour for our group. We were able to bounce ideas and questions off of him that were very helpful to our decision making process.

Joseph 10/15/18 Half Day

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Good People

We were visiting Denver and decided that one of City Sessions’ Half Day Tours was a nice way to spend one of our afternoons. It was a really eye-opening experience to see how Colorado’s cannabis industry is growing into a billion-dollar behemoth, and all of the innovation that is being spurred.

City Sessions provided Clayton as our resident expert and tour guide, and the 10+ years he has spent in the industry really showed in the tours that we took through various businesses throughout the city in our own personalized experience. Clayton held a very relaxed demeanor through the whole tour, willing to accommodate any on-the-fly changes to our schedule as issues came up. He was just as comfortable discussing the trade impact of legalization in Canada
as he was 90s music, and he also made some excellent recommendations about where to visit in the city.

We also used City Sessions for airport service, which we also very much recommend. Clayton picked us up and dropped us off curbside at the airport. Overall a very positive experience. The best of luck to Clayton, Goldie, and the rest of the good folks at City Sessions!

Roland 08/31/2018 Half Day Tour

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Better than expected!!

It was better than expected. Goldie/ City Sessions was prompt with phone calls, checking in to ensure our needs and expectations would be met on this tour. Goldie’s expertise was invaluable as we got caught up in the 21st century as well as the knowledge to help others. Please use me as a reference if needed. If you are thinking about one of the tours with City Sessions, just go for it, there is no time like now!!

Miriam 07/21/2018 Private tour

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Incredible Experience!

As I was researching cannabis tours in Denver, I found there was a quite a variety of tours. I was looking for something more personalized and in-depth than one of the large bus tours. Goldie arranged a customized experience for me that was incredible!
During our first telephone call Goldie asked me what type of information and experience that I would enjoy and also what I would like to learn. She even asked me what type of music I enjoy. She setup a personal tour with me that included an informative overview at the City Sessions lounge of all things cannabis, an amazing in-depth tour of a grow house, a personalized visit to a dispensary, a visit to a high end glass pipe business, and then a great tour of downtown Denver.
Goldie picked me up at my hotel and during our drive around Denver I listened to a playlist of music of my favorite music. Talk about customer service! I was as intrigued about the industry and Goldie’s business as the cannabis itself. Goldie is a high energy, extremely knowledgeable cannabis expert. The breadth and depth of her knowledge is simply amazing. Goldie is “The Knower” about all things cannabis. She is an innovative intelligent business entrepreneur. Goldie is also very entertaining and fun. Her story about City Sessions and how she started this amazing business was so interesting. Having read everything I could find about City Sessions (website, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, etc.) I was somewhat starstruck when I got to meet Goldie. You will be too!
My City Sessions tour with Goldie was one of the best and most unique experiences I’ve ever had. I would and have recommended this personalized tour to family and friends.
Life is short. Go with the best – City Sessions and Goldie!

Bill M. 06/19/2018 Personalized Tour

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So Good We Will Do It Again

We took a private tour with Goldie and it was great! We enjoyed learning about all the different facets of Cannabis. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of the cannabis industry. We plan on taking another trip out to Denver and we will definitely be calling Goldie for another tour. It was money well spent!

Gaylord and Jill Aker 5-18-18 Tour of the Senses

Can’t say enough about our Tour

I truly can’t say enough about our experience on a private tour with Goldie. I took my husband on a tour as a surprise birthday present; we are both in our 60’s and from Minnesota. We learned so much. Goldie knows so much about cannabis and all it’s different forms and uses. We had ample chance to sample everything. Our dispensary tour was awesome. Again, everyone we encountered had nothing but high praise for Goldie. Everyone we encountered was so passionate about their love of cannabis. Goldie does drive like a pro through the busy streets of Denver, and it is clear that she loves what she does and where she lives. We never felt rushed with her, and she spent a ton of time with us. It was money well spent. We will definitely go back to Denver soon, and we will definitely go on another tour with Goldie.

Jean 5/12/2018 Private Tour

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Awesome Tour

I recently took the industry insider tour with Sarah and I was very happy with the tour.

Sarah was very friendly and very knowledgeable about the industry. The tour was informative, and city sessions were able to tailor the tour based on my expectations. It may have been a bit more expensive that some of the other tours online but worth every penny. The one on one interaction and being able to go at your own pace and not the pace of a group was a plus and the convenience of being picked up and dropped off at my hotel made the day extra relaxing. I’d definitely book with City Sessions again.

Khalid O. 04/12/2018 Industry Insider

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Second Time – Even Better!

What a great experience! My family and I went on a 4.5 Hour Private Tour with Goldie and had such a great time. We checked out The Herbal Cure’s grow and their dispensary and it was amazing. We also took a ride up to Red Rocks Amphitheater and Lookout Mountain. It really was a great way to spend a day seeing Denver and learning about cannabis culture! This was my second time touring with City Sessions and I can’t wait to make another trip out to Denver for my third!

Robert M 3/23/2018 VIP Full Day

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