Last week, I was fortunate enough to meet two guys from Maryland gearing up for their first recreational marijuana experience. They were both excited and slightly nervous (they obviously forgot to call me first) about what awaited them behind the secure door. They randomly chose a dispensary and lucky for all three of us – it was dispensary where I am a member! We began talking and I let them know to ease any nervous energy that they could ask the bud-tender anything regarding the product line. The chat ended as quickly as it started because my name was called and I had products to purchase :). As I walked back to the purchasing area on the medical side, I handed them my business card. I whispered that I was available for private tours which would allow them to see the Denver marijuana scene in detail and comfort.

About an hour later, I received a phone call from one of the guys after a quick check of my site, who booked me for a half-day tour experience. I picked up my guests the next morning at their hotel. As our tour got underway one of the guys recognized the musical artist, Devon The Dude, in the parking lot of the hotel. I said, “oh, he is playing tonight right down the street.” The guys were ecstatic. Before the whole experience got underway, I suggested that we stop by the venue and pick up tickets. Sometimes we need to add a layer of customization on the fly!

Our tour started with a visit to Denver’s oldest dispensary where the guests were given an education on the product line, an introduction to the owners and received an amazing discount. This time the guys were much calmer and sourced each product they purchased based on the high they wanted to receive.

Our day continued with a grow-house viewing, some sightseeing in the foothills, lunch, free Slurpees from 7-11, a second dispensary stop and ended with a visit to an awesome glass shop. Everyone needs a Denver take away and what better way than with a custom piece?!?

This day could not have been more plentiful with a full Denver experience. What started out being a meeting of happenstance turned out to be a highlight of my week. My guests were also sure to tell me that Denver was definitely a memorable stop!

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