Balancing the Mind & Body with Cannabis & Exercise

By Sarah Foss

The other Monday, Goldie and I decided to start the week off on a strong note and make it to an evening yoga class. The Lodo Massage & Yoga Studio in RiNo offers a weekly 2 ½ hour Yin & Yang: Kickboxing & Yoga Class that really gets you moving and working. Before heading out to the studio, we puffed on a little bit of a limited edition Stardawg Guava PAX Era Pod, a happy and bright Sativa from the Clinic, to get us both geared up in the mind and relaxed in the muscles before walking into the class. There is nothing like a little cannabis to enhance the experience, especially when you are working out. It is a common misconception that cannabis and exercise don’t mix that cannabis smokers are worse athletes and or that their consumption habits are detrimental to both their health and performance.

As we entered the basement studio, Gaby, the yoga instructor, had us each take a stone of our choosing to enhance our intentions for the class. I went with Amethyst for inner strength, Goldie chose Tiger’s Eye for harmony. Stones in hand, and bodies buzzing, we grabbed our mats found a spot on the floor near the front. Gaby started off with some really fast-paced Vinyasa to get our muscles warmed up and our breathing focused. Not to mention a lovely sheen of sweat on all our brows. The high had settled in and my mind felt sharp and focused. There is nothing like settling into your high and feeling in the zone.

After we took a quick water break where they provided coconut water for extra hydration, and the kickboxing instructors, Nuckolls and Bingham, took over. We securely wrapped up our hands and had a quick lesson on proper footwork before splitting into two groups. I went with the first and we gloved up for some punching and jabbing. Goldie went with the other group got to kicking and knee thrusts. After we had a good grasp on the mechanics, we switched. It was intense and fun, but above all, it was really motivational with everyone cheering each other on. All the exercises were focused on self-defense and the instructors were very intentional and mindful about real-world scenarios.

Both Goldie and I were feeling quite sore at this point, however, they weren’t done with us yet. We took another quick water break and lined up for some hearty conditioning with lunges around the room, before circling up for a variety of squats and leg lifts. Once our legs were at the point of turning to jelly, Gaby had us collect a mat, pillow, and strap before lining up along the back wall. We laid down as the lights were dimmed and a few candles were lit. She led a quick restorative yoga session with some light massage to loosen our muscles, open up our bodies and to sink us into relaxation.

After the class was done, I noticed that although everyone looked a little beat, there were huge smiles all around. Since I was starting to get a glimpse of how sore I would be the next day, I swung by DANK: Keeping Kind dispensary on my way home. I picked up some Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze and a couple 1:1 (CBD: THC) Transdermal Patches to help with the soreness that will undoubtedly settle in by morning. CBD, or Cannabidiol, has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for a post work out recoup. Before bed, I stuck a patch on my foot to prevent feeling stiff as a board when I woke up, and with my body to the point of exhaustion, I had a night of deep and genuinely restful sleep.

Both Goldie and I HIGHLY recommend checking out this weekly class or any of the other offerings that the LoDo Massage & Yoga studio provides. (Their Mile High Massage is a guest favorite for ending a tour!)

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