Over the past few weeks, I have been engaged in several one-on-one tours. There is something very interesting about touring with one person. Cannabis-centric touring takes self-awareness to a whole new level and it is focused on one person’s unique interests.

I had the opportunity to tour with a gentleman from Ohio in his early 30’s. What started out as a simply an airport pick up and a pit stop at a dispensary turned into a half-day tour. We added a grow house visit, lunch and then a secondary stop at another dispensary which offered a different menu of product. He enjoyed day 1 so much that he decided to do a second tour day whereby he could explore the Mile High City for the entire day.

We started day 2 with a tour of the senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch). We started the tour with indulging in some product. We then started working on the senses by heading to the Denver Art Museum to view the Tim Wesselman Pop Art exhibit. For those of you that may not be aware of the visual perspective when you are high is that colors are brighter, scenes have more depth and patterns are more evident. The Tim Wesselman exhibit offered the colors and dimensions my guest needed to begin his “new” experience with marijuana. Taste and smell are also enhanced under cannabis. Continuing with engaging my guest’s senses, we then made our way to food truck Thursday in Civic Center Park where we choose our favorite foods for lunch. The smell in the park was overwhelming, especially under the influence of cannabis and each truck competes with delicious smells to draw you into their delectable counter. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a fantastic local band, French Nilla, playing in the park. Music is heard with increased fidelity and dimension. Sense #4, hearing, CHECK! We sat down and enjoyed the sweet sounds of their music and our delicious meals. Now for the final sense – touch. We rented bikes where I proceeded to take my guest on an adventure through the neighborhoods of the City. Some of the highlights included viewing the graffiti art in the RiNo art District and a quick stop at a local boutique, MegaFauna, that focuses on providing local artists with an outlet to sell their goods.

Now it was time to re-up our high so we popped into a local hang out and enjoyed a pre-roll (this is a joint that ready to be consumed). Once we had renewed our high, we made our way to the next neighborhood, Uptown, where we stopped into a gourmet grocery to rehydrate with coconut water and a chocolate bar. Can you blame us? Munchies! We then ventured onto Colfax and picked up the most delicious donuts in town – sugar is king when you a high. We finished the tour with a drop off at my guest’s hotel. A big thank you to my guest from Ohio for allowing me to take you on this amazing experience. Two days cannot get better than this!