Two love birds met to rekindle their romance in Denver and City Sessions was called to help facilitate. For the sake of confidentiality, we will call the women on this tour Lola and her boyfriend Coconut. Prior to starting the tour, I twisted the couple up a joint of Blue Dream (sativa strain) which Coconut enjoyed openly on the patio of the bed and breakfast that they were staying. Lola on the other hand opted out from indulging, explaining to me that when she smokes she gets tired and falls asleep. I began to educate Lola and Coconut on the different strains and products, letting them know that they can communicate with the bud-tender how they want to feel. Looking for a creative high, social high, stoney high, speedy high, anti-anxiety? Here in Colorado, WE HAVE IT ALL! The afternoon excursion was filled with laughs. Lola, a cute, little spitfire comedian had me belly laughing from the start of the tour to when I dropped them off. Where did the name Coconut come from? Lola, full of Mexican pride, started off the day by telling me her boyfriend was a coconut. “What is a coconut I asked?” Lola stated, “this boy may be brown on the outside but he is a total white boy on the inside, two left feet and all.” We drove around the city listening to a Mexican mariachi sounding music (Lola’s request) and stopped at various dispensaries. Coconut was like a kid in a candy shop, he wanted to try it all. Conversations of cannabis, smothered burritos done right, and the Mexican pride festival that was going on in Civic Center park filled the car. Lola confirmed “Goldie, you are like a reverse Coconut. You may be white on the outside but you have some brown on the inside.” A couple of days later I received a text from a friend of mine Matthew Berh, who gives the most magical, CBD medicated massages. “OMG I loved Coconut and Lola.” You guys were a pleasure to tour and an awesome couple to hang out with! Good luck with everything!