Ned Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Ned Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

The Hello Ned 750mg and 1500mg tinctures are a full spectrum product made from hemp flower that is grown and extracted locally here in Colorado.  All of Hello Ned’s products are small batch extractions made using a cold ethanol extraction technique.  This means that none of the qualities of the hemp plant were altered or degraded due to any high heat or pressure.  Hello Ned is dedicated to transparency and creating products that bring forward the best healing qualities the hemp plant can provide.  Every batch of product has their Certificate of Analysis available on their website.  We are believers in Hello Ned and their dedication to moving our industry forward in the right way.  This is why we have selected to give their products the City Sessions Seal of Approval.



Dosing and Usage

Make it a ritual.

• Drop your desired amount directly under your tongue and hold.

• Take a few deep breaths. Swallow it down.

• Smile and remember you’re awesome

The hemp oil will do the rest as it awakens your body’s cannabinoid receptors.

Repeat 1-2 times per day.

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