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The cannabis industry is ever evolving and in the state of Colorado we continue to see this changing landscape. When the wholesale Adult Use market launched in Colorado in late 2015 and saturation occurred in the years to follow, we saw mass consolidation in the industry. One of the most interesting consolidation plays was brought forward by husband and wife pair, Amanda Fox and Matt Shifrin. This power couple saw an opportunity to harness their previous experience scaling businesses in other industries and set out to do the same in the Colorado cannabis market. Backed by private financing, Matt and Amanda purchased four retail dispensaries in high volume locations around the city of Denver. With a goal of maintaining the local charm within the stores they acquired, they set out to create an elevated and comfortable retail experience with their brand LOVA Canna Co. Today, all the dispensary locations have been renovated and I have to say, they NAILED IT! With a true no-pressure retail experience, smartly designed stores, knowledgeable staff and an assortment of the highest quality brands that stock the shelves, I am pleased to give LOVA the 2020 City Sessions Seal of Approval!

LOVA Canna Co is the newest dispensary brand to join the City Sessions community. Watching the brand evolve over the past year has been an awesome experience to witness from an outsider’s perspective. The dispensaries were beautifully renovated, providing open floor plans and product displays throughout, allowing for a no pressure retail experience. One thing that has always bothered me about the dispensary experience is that a customer feels obligated to purchase because upon entering the store they show their ID and are met with a counter and a sales representative. This expectation whereby I am concerned is not appropriate and is not the case in any other retail experience. The team at LOVA thought through this issue and smartly designed their stores to allow for a relaxed retail experience whereby the customer can take their time browsing prior to making their way to the counter to purchase or not. From novices to connoisseurs, the LOVA retail experience is comfortable for all.


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The City Sessions community of cannabis brands are vetted and selected based on their dedication to quality, consistency and innovation. At LOVA, they offer all City Sessions vetted brands (1906, Keef, Stillwater, PAX, and Iovia) as well as additional quality brands that are geared towards all levels of consumers. Their in-house flower brand, Natty Rems has been a staple in the Colorado cannabis market for the past decade and is known for growing OG strains. In addition, they offer a selection of top tier cannabis from small batch cultivator Veritas. With a vast selection of top tier concentrates, vape pens, edibles, and topicals the product line will not disappoint, and neither will the price. The vast product line is priced at fair market value, so you will never be guessing if you are getting a good deal. Also, please note that on Friday’s they offer a buy one get one (for a dollar) on Natty Rems Live Sauce cartridges. I bring this up because I am a huge fan of these terpene rich, classy gold vape pens. Worth trying!

weed strains  lova receives seal of approvalA store is only as good as the people that operate it and the LOVA retail team is as good as it gets. From the managers to the budtenders, this friendly staff provides an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere for all. The budtenders are knowledgeable and do an exceptional job listening and guiding the consumer into the product line they are seeking. For those that are new to cannabis, they are patient and take extra time to educate. This is so important because cannabis is new to so many and through educating, they ensure that their patrons have a positive experience with the plant and product line. I cannot say enough positive things about the passionate team at LOVA, I am grateful to them all for caring and providing amazing, consistent customer service.

From smartly designed stores, to the highest quality products and strains, to a knowledgeable and friendly staff, LOVA holds a standard in the Colorado cannabis market. When speaking to founder Amanda Fox, she emphasis LOVA’s cultural mission of growing plants, people and community. This mission permeates through all four LOVA locations and is why I give LOVA the City Sessions Seal of Approval. I highly recommend stopping into a LOVA dispensary and please enjoy City Sessions 20% off coupon.

Visit all the LOVA Locations:

LOVA Downtown
2042 Arapahoe Street
Denver CO 80205

LOVA Colfax
3121 East Colfax Avenue
Denver CO 80206

LOVA Edgewater
2045 Sheridan Boulevard
Edgewater CO 80214

LOVA Auora
19005 E Quincy Ave
Aurora CO

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